Technological advancements have permitted individuals to record nearly every aspect of human life. Whether it’s home security, business surveillance, entertainment and/or  mobile cameras, we now can keep an eye on virtually anything. Dash cameras are no different. When it comes to monitoring, a dash cam can offer users insurance and peace of mind. Sure, you might be a great driver who plays by the rules, never goes above the speed limit and always obeys the traffic laws… So, why would you even need a dash cam? An unassuming dash cam protect your vehicle and lots of avoidable hassle. Purchasing a dash camera can be one of the best decisions an avid driver can make but if you’re still one the fence, here are 10 reasons why to get a dash cam fitted in your car today.

1. First Hand Account of Accidents

Unpleasant and always unwelcome, accidents are appropriately named because you never see them coming. Having a reliable dash cam can really get you out of some hot soup if the accident was not your fault. Why bother explaining to the authorities who cut who off and waste a whole night explaining the situation.  With a dash cam you could just bust out the footage, press rewind and show everyone exactly what happened? Avoid legal headaches and unnecessary hassles with a dash cam.

2. Dash Cams Help Avoid Insurance Fraud

Understandably so, hitting an innocent pedestrian is a fear that many drivers have. Nobody wants a fatal injury or even death on their conscious. Scammers and money hungry crooks will always find a way to squeeze money from hard working, law abiding citizens such as yourself. Some unscrupulous people will go as far as purposefully throwing themselves in traffic, bounce skillfully off the windshield or hood and feign some injuries. In any pedestrian-vehicle accident, people always tend to blame the driver. With dash cams, you can record every single foolish act by insurance scammers.

3. Perfect for Worried Parents and Driving Instructors

Like most parents, the safety of your children is the top priority; especially when learning how to drive. Kids are adventurous and will always try to push the limits. Installing a dash cam will keep them in check and encourage the best behavior, both on and off the road.

4. Be Vigilant; Report Bad Driving

As our roads become busier, incidents of road rage are on the rise. I’m not talking about the countryside. I am referring to the big and bustling cities that you should to be worried about. We’ve all seen that angry driver who drives recklessly or that drunk driver who can barely stay in the right lane. Don’t wait until someone gets severely injured or killed. Report the incident to the police and submit the video as proof to ensure the dangerous driver faces justice and mends their ill road-manners.

5. Safe and Handy Parking Protection

When your car is parked, it is subjected to damage, theft, hit and runs and the list goes on. Your car could get scraped, dented, vandalized and even pilfered without your knowledge. To make matters worse, nobody is there to say or see a thing so the culprit will most likely get away with it. Having a dash cam installed will greatly deter potential thieves and vandals as well as provide video evidence when something does occur to catch the culprit responsible.

6. Cheaper Premiums on your Insurance

Although not applicable with all insurance companies, some insurers out there are offer cash rebates for drivers with dash cams. This is because recording incidents can save both you and your insurance company a whole lot of cash if a claim is filed. Most insurance companies will accept dash cam footage when investigating your claim. This can greatly increase your chance of receiving a settlement in your favor. Avoid the potential hassles of insurance companies by recording every moment on and off the road.

7. Dash Cameras Can Protect Against Unfair Tickets and Fines

Ever find yourself in a situation where it is your word against the cops? If there’s one thing you can be sure of here; 99% of the time a judge will side with the citing officer even if you are innocent. A dash cam can provide proof that you are innocent if wrongfully cited. In addition, police are human too. They can make judgment errors just like anyone else. Some people have reported being fined or ticketed unfairly for swerving, running a red light, speeding or making illegal turns. A dash cam can provide the evidence to prove your innocence against all odds and save you on some hefty fines or even jail time.

8. Grab Some Laughs

Aside from improving overall road safety experience and saving you from potential problems, dash cameras are a very rich source of entertainment. Everyone here has seen the endless stream of funny and outright rib cracking videos recorded incognito by dash cams. These moments are astoundingly unique, entertaining and very rare. If you see something that is just to hard to believe, just roll out that unbelievable footage and even share it online for others to enjoy.

Crazy Moments Captured by Dash Cam

9. Enjoy an Unforgettable Adventure

Nothing gets a family more excited than a long, fun-filled road trip. The young ones grow up so fast and move away. Never miss an exciting adventure again. Dash Cams can make recording in the driver’s seat simple and safe. Record everything and capture awesome memories that will last a lifetime.

10. Exciting Functions and Cool Features of Dash Cams

Dash cams have come have come a long way in terms of functions and features since they were first created. The modern dash cam comes equipped with tons of useful features that will significantly improve your overall driving experience. These features include audible notifications, status updates, GPS devices, time stamps and even power saving settings allowing users to maximize run-time.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, having a great dash cam installed in your vehicle can be one of the smartest investment you will ever make. Today, virtually any vehicle can be fitted with a dash cam for a super affordable price. Users that have realized the benefits of vehicle surveillance have even fitted their vehicles with 360 degree camera coverage to ensure that every part of their vehicle is protected.

At Sonic Electronix, we have tons of camera options for all drivers. Make sure to visit or give us a call at 1-877-289-7664 to find the perfect dash cam for your budget, preference and lifestyle.