Over the past few years, dash cameras or DVRs have risen in popularity due to their ease of installation and functionality. With a plethora of dashcams now available, vehicles of all makes and models could benefit from them. With that being said, here are 5 fast facts you need to know:

1. Dash cameras provide many benefits to vehicle owners

If you have witnessed dashcam footage on YouTube or social media, you likely had a front-row seat to an accident or other memorable moment. Since dash cameras are another set of eyes on the road that is continuously recording, there are many benefits for vehicle owners. Here are the most common:

  • Dashcams provide authorities and/or insurance companies evidence in the case of an accident.
  • Dashcams can help prevent insurance fraud.
  • Dashcams help capture fun trips, adventures, and moments while on the road.
  • Dashcams provide security and monitoring which help prevent vandalism and theft.
  • Dashcams can help parents monitor kids driving behaviors and skills.
  • Dashcams can help businesses monitor employee’s driving behaviors and time management skills.

Regardless of how you plan on using your dash camera, these benefits provide a great return on your investment!

2. They have many useful features and options (besides recording)

When most people think of dash cameras, they think of their recording functionality. Besides the digital video recording (DVR), some dash cams have built-in microphones and speakers to capture audio as well. Other popular features include motion detection, loop recording, lane departure warning system, front collision warning system, and GPS tracking. 

When searching for the best dashcam for your needs, be sure to consider your wish list of features as well as your overall budget.

Kenwood DRV-A601WDP offers 4K Recording

3. DVRs can record in high definition 

Over the past few years, dash camera recording quality has significantly improved. Many brands and models now offer full HD recording, with 1080p and 720p resolution being the standard. Higher-end models like the Kenwood DRV-A601WDP are now offering 4K recording as well for the clearest footage. 

In addition to HD quality, dashcams can record awesome quality videos during the day, at night, in the rain, snow, and other common driving conditions. 

4. Having a dashcam can potentially save you money

At this time, there are no major insurance companies in the United States that offer dashcam owners a discount. Nevertheless, accidents happen fast and having a dash cam will help protect you when you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault. The crash detection on many dash cameras will instantly start recording whenever it senses an accident may occur. This means you will also protect you if you ever happen to be involved in a hit and run accident. You can get a clear look at the year, make, model, and license plate of the other vehicle involved. Having this evidence will save you money and keep your premiums from increasing.

5. Dash cameras come in a variety of form factors

As you search for the perfect dashcam, you will notice that there are many hardware options available. From rearview mirrors with built-in monitors like the Belva BBCRM1 to window-mounted cameras with LED screens of various sizes, there are options for all types of needs. Here are a few questions you need to consider before buying one of your own:

  • Do you prefer a rearview mirror dash camera for the most seamless look?
  • How large of a LED screen do you prefer?
  • Are you going for the camera with the easiest installation option?
  • What is your budget range?

With this information and knowledge in mind, you should be more prepared to make an informed buying decision. Check out our extensive selection of dash cameras today to begin enjoying the safety, security, and benefits that they provide!