The car audio industry has experienced a massive wave technological advent. New and improved designs and features have emerged, especially with car subwoofers. Companies are constantly pushing the limits of innovation and bringing fresh ideas to the car audio industry. Subs now-a-days are slimmer, more powerful and more technological then ever before. Here at Sonic Electronix, we want to present our choices for the top 5 most innovative and advanced subwoofers.

Clarion Z25W Hi-Res Digital Sound Subwoofer

The first of its kind, the Clarioin Z25W Hi-Res digital sound subwoofer is built with only one goal in mind;  enhancing full digital audio playback. The audio geniuses at Clarion don’t mess around when it comes to fitting their products with the latest and most advanced technology. “Full digital” means the signal sent from the source to the speaker in full resolution quality with no chance of  audio signal interference or sound deterioration. As a result, the Z25W only uses 1/5th of the power required in the typical analog sound system. The big takeaway from this sub is a slim profile design, unprecedented sound quality and power.

Innovative Designs and Compact Builds

In the old days, subwoofers were big and bulky.  Subwoofers were 2x the size and delivered 1/2 the output. This deterred many people from upgrading their car audio because it meant you would have to sacrifice your entire trunk or back seat just to install a sub. Thanks to some really ingenious innovations, subwoofers are now smaller than ever, deliver more articulate and dynamic bass and are unbelievably powerful. Small footprint = more versatility and compatibility. It is now possible to install a full audio system in even the most compact vehicles on the market.

JL Audio 13TW5v2-4

Not only does JL Audio 13TW5v2-4 look sleek and beautiful, it is also one of the most slim and compact subs on the market. JL Audio achieved this compressed architecture by using concentric tubes structures to support over sized suspension attachments and voice coils. Unlike conventional subwoofers, the JL Audio TW5v2 series subwoofer allows you to maintain excellent linear excursion and mechanical stability. With a mounting depth of only 2.5 inches, you can add top quality bass into virtually any vehicle. Every aspect of the sub from development to production is carried out in the United States. So you can bet when you buy this sub, you are buying the best.

RE Audio SEXv2-15D4

Think back to RE Audio’s best-selling SEX subwoofer series; well the re-vamped SEX v2 series maintains the same look but with some added new features. The SEX V2 subs have improved excursion capabilities, power handling, and efficiency. To achieve this, RE Audio has incorporated a new basket structure, enhanced the internal motor and redesigned the magnetic assembly. This sub is also proudly made in America, so you know you are going get top quality performance.

Advancements in Noise and Distortion Reduction

There a number of factors that contribute to subwoofer distortion. Magnet structure, build materials, design, etc. can all create noise and distortion within a sub. This is particularly evident in dynamic drivers that have non linear componenets in motor and suspension systems. These non-linearities increase distortion almost four times more that a woofer with completely linear movement.  Subwoofers today use highly sophisticated monitoring and control system to identify and immediately rectify any audible deviation from electrical input to acoustical output.

JBL S3-1224

Traditionally, only dual voice coil subs had the ability to change impedance by wiring the subs in either series or parallel wiring. JBL addressed this matter by introducing the Selectable Impedance Technology into its Series 2 and 3 subs. The JBL S3-1124’s selectable impedance toggle switch allows users to switch the impedance from 2 ohm or 4ohm without having the require the entire sub. Just simply flip the switch. Its that easy! The audio geeks over at JBL understand the importance of flexibility and convenience without sacrificing quality. The Selectable Smart Impedance technology has made it easier than ever to get to most out of your sub. JBL hit it out of the park with this new feature and now has other brands following.

Image Dynamics IDMAX12 D4 V.4

This 12 Inch ID Max V.4 series subwoofer comes fitted with some very intelligent and advanced features that seem to be way ahead of its time. Whether it’s the design, ease of control or long-lasting, durable materials, Image Dynamics appears to know exactly what the customers want. With a staggering 2 inches of linear excursion, you can expect a crystal clear, clean and articulate bass at high output levels. One of the most notable features is the Radiator cooling system that keeps the subs cool even under the most intense listening sessions. Lastly, 100% made in America so you know you are getting a sub created with the highest quality craftsmanship.

The Bottom Line

If you are a music lover who has lived through all the different ages of subwoofers, then you no doubt appreciate how far the technology has come. When the audio technicians began this long and never ending journey to perfection, they had no idea that what was once literally a magnet in a pipe could turn out to be a source of great, tight, deep and ultra powerful bass. At we welcome you to step in, buckle up and enjoy the ride. Innovation is far from over and like fine wine, can only get better with time.