Remote start adds convenience to your vehicle. They allow you to start your car without being in your car and other conveniences you might not know. Before you go out and purchase your own remote starter, consider these five facts about the vehicle accessory.

Consider the range of for your remote starter

Remote Start and Keyless Entry System
Crimestopper Cool Start RS7-G5
Remote Start and Keyless Entry System

All remote starters have a specified range for how far away you are to start your car. The distance ranges from 500 ft to 5,000 ft as long as there isn’t any interference. This is something to consider when thinking about where you are going to be starting your car. Are you going to start your vehicle while it is in the driveway or front of your house? Are you in an apartment complex? Do you want to start your while in the parking lot of a store? These are some questions to consider when thinking about the range of your remote starter. 

Remote starts can do more than just start your car.

Remote starters can do more than just start your vehicle, depending on how you program it. They can provide keyless entry, activate the front and rear defrost system, or activate heated seats in your vehicle. Make sure you consult with your installer before adding these programs to your system.

Do not fall for the remote start myth.

There have been some concerning myths saying remote starters can damage your vehicle. The truth is remote starters do not damage your vehicle as long as you install it properly. Remote starters can cause serious damage to your car if not installed correctly. In some cases, they could start a fire or cause other internal damage to your vehicle.

Do your research when looking for an installer.

Finding the proper installer is extremely important. You have to find someone who knows the complexities of your vehicle. Installing a remote starter to your vehicle is a delicate procedure, and going for the cheapest options may not be the best move. 

Don’t worry about your warranty.

Some people believe adding a remote starter to your vehicle can void your vehicle’s warranty. Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief because that is not true. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 prohibits the voiding of a warranty based on adding after-market products unless the FTC has noted the specific product as causing failures. If anything happens to your remote starter and it is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, the installer has to take care of the damages.

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