Monster Cable Beats by Dr. Dre

By David D. – Product Specialist

There are many different types of headphones available in today’s audio market. Whether you plan on using them in your home, car, studio, gym, or somewhere else, there is a headphone that is just right for you and what you plan on using them for. There is a variety of styles to choose from such as earbuds, over the head, around the neck, and around the ear with optional ear piece designs like in-ear, on-ear, and enclosed ear. Choose wisely and determine what type of setting you will use them for in order to achieve ultimate comfort and performance.

Kicker 09HP301 (HP301)

If you plan on purchasing headphones for an athletic environment such as jogging, exercising, cycling, or any other extracurricular activity, the best match for you would be a wrap-around, clip on and or portable style headphone with an earbud ear piece design. The clip-on style headphone is equipped with clips that comfortably hook around your ear and provide excellent stability. If you are not satisfied with the clip-on style, you can try the wrap-around type. These usually have a headband unlike the clip-on, but instead of the headband sitting on top of your head, they wrap around the back of your head while being supported by the back of the neck and top of the ears. The Kicker HP301 are an excellent example of active wrap-around headphones. This provides a lot more stability than the over-the-head design.

If you’re a traveler who is on planes, and or trains all the time, the perfect style of headphone for you is a noise cancelling headphone. Noise cancelling headphones eliminate unwanted “outside” noise and are available in 2 types, active and passive noise cancelling. Active noise-canceling headphones are an enclosed ear design and use a petite microphone to pick-up outside noise while filtering it to a microprocessor to alter the sound. Passive noise-canceling headphones, also known as noise-isolating, are an in-ear design that uses foam or plastic earpieces that seal your ear and block all un-wanted noise.

If you are a musician or DJ and need headphones for a studio type environment, you want a set of DJ or Pro Audio headphones. The most recognizable DJ headphones are arguably the Monster Beats by Dre headphones.  Pro Audio headphones are a corded on-ear or enclosed ear design with comfortable soft, spongy ear cushions. This style headphone is usually the most expensive but also provides the best performance. Since they are high quality, you will hear sounds and details in the music that you have never heard before. A new line that we carry here at Sonic Electronix is Grado, they manufacture some of the best sounding high quality Pro Audio headphones out today, check them out.

If you are a home or work listener such as myself, I would suggest an enclosed or on-ear design. The enclosed ear design headphones are perfect for listening to in the office; they are also excellent for your home listening sessions as well. This design also allows you to listen to your headphones without disturbing others around you. Home headphones are available in corded and wireless options and are built for comfort and performance.

No matter what environment or setting you’re in, there is a set of headphones built exclusively to suit your needs.