Concept Chameleon CLD-700

By Samantha R. – Product Specialist

Used as a practical electronic component in 1962, LED backlighting has been introduced to headrest monitors specifically through Concept Enterprises.  Being one of the very few headrest monitors that use this LED backlighting technology for their LCD displays; Concept’s products have come out with a huge bang as well as dominating 2010 technology with opportunities for further growth. Providing a vehicle with exceptional picture quality and high efficiency, LED backlit panels create the ultimate entertainment experience for you and your ride. In fact, LCD monitors with LED backlights will be the dominant lighting source for display applications for the years to come. A drained battery is never useful and with LED backlighting the monitors will draw less power providing your displays with a longer running time.

The purpose of designing a single headrest monitor that isn’t sold in pairs is to give the user more options for customization. Seeing as how we are no longer dependent on radios, the in-dash receiver, overhead, and headrest monitors are becoming the luxurious DVD player add-on for the car. Usually, the headrest monitors come equipped with interchangeable color shrouds (covers) that match the interior of your vehicle. Making sure it matches and fits your car is usually becomes a huge hassle, but when the product comes equipped with accessories and covers, it makes choosing and purchasing much simpler.

Essentially the two monitors are the same aside from a few different features that could put more money in your pocket. Rather than spending twice the money and having two built-in DVD players, purchasing one can do you just as good. The Concept Chameleon CLD-700 is a perfect example of a headrest monitor with built-in DVD player. Getting this specific monitor would only require an additional headrest without a DVD player built-in, like the Concept Chameleon CLS-700, which conveniently works with the DVD player monitor. In the case where you decided you wanted to have two different movies playing per headrest, you would then purchase two of the built-in player monitors. Although more costly and a more technical installation, this option is not necessarily needed to have a luxury vehicle. For a bright, vivid display in your car, you can trust the Chameleon headrest monitors from Concept to get you the video playback you want.