Clarion EQS746

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Getting the best sound out of your car is the reason we upgrade our car’s audio system.  The advanced features of aftermarket components allow us to get better sound due to higher quality materials, more efficient amplifiers, and many other features that will enhance the sound quality of the vehicles.  Just by simply replacing the speakers in a car can greatly enhance the sound quality of the music.  Installing an aftermarket car audio stereo is another great way to get better sound in your car.  But what if you have already upgraded your speakers and replaced your car stereo?  Is there anything else you can do to further enhance and customize your sound?  The answer is yes! A car equalizer could be the perfect way to get the best sound inside your car.

A car equalizer allows the audio input signals to be adjusted so that the perfect sound quality is achieved. There are different types of equalizers based on the number of audio bands that the equalizer will adjust.  The higher the number of bands, the more detailed the audio customization you will be able to get.  A great example of a popular and effective equalizer is the Clarion EQS746.  It features a 7-band equalizer with a 12 dB boost or cut.  The 7-bands of equalization allow for more precise tuning than most traditional equalizers.  Along the front there are rotary dials for each of the adjustment bands, as well as the fader, subwoofer level, and the master volume output.  Gold plated rear RCA contacts allow for the excellent signal transfer from the source.  The mounting bracket on the side enable an under-dash mount if space is limited in the vehicles dash.  Audiophiles will agree that a quality equalizer will help you achieve the sound quality that you are looking for.