Bluetooth speakers are the product for adventures. With the speaker on hand, the cellphone or media device can be tucked away safely from the elements. Despite their size, these speakers can produce some high quality sound.

Battery life

A feature to consider with most portable devices is how long the battery will last, as well as its charge time. You do not want to take your speaker out of the house expecting all-day playback for it to die after a couple of hours. On average, most Bluetooth speakers’ batteries last about 5-10 hours. Our JBL GO 2 boasts a playback time of 5 hours depending on volume and audio content.

Choose a design that works for your lifestyle


If you are looking for something to take with on the go, then something more compact with attachment options may be the way for you. If you plan to have something more stationary, then you can go for a model with light-up panels that can modified or shift per song or even a larger speaker. Knowing how you are going to use your speaker is going to determine what kind of Bluetooth you want to purchase. 

Being water-resistant comes in handy, even if you don’t take it to the pool 

This may seem like such a small feature to consider, however, if you plan to take your Bluetooth speaker out of the house, making sure it is water-resistant is important. Our NVX GlowXR3 is both weather-resistant and water-resistant with color-changing LED lights, perfect for any indoor or outdoor party.

Sound quality should be examined thoroughly

Sound quality is another important feature to look for in a speaker. Unfortunately, you cannot test out each speaker to see which one works for you. So, how do you know which is best for you? When researching Bluetooth speakers, there are some features to take a look at. 

  • output power: the amount of Watts emitted by the speaker measured in decibels.
  • frequency range: the greater range of frequency produced by your speaker, the clear the sound is going to be.
  • sound system: each system has a number of channels, which are the speakers that will be producing the sound. 
  • impedance: the lower the impedance, the better quality of sound your speaker will produce. 

Have a budget in mind when looking for the right speaker

Have a budget in mind when looking for the proper Bluetooth speaker. Just because a Bluetooth speaker cost over $100 doesn’t mean it is automatically the best choice. You do not have to break the bank for quality speakers. On the other hand, don’t buy the cheapest speaker either. Find something that is going to work for you. For more information on finding the right Bluetooth speaker for you, check out our post here.