The recent advancements in technology are mind blowing to witness happening right before our eyes. Not too long ago phones were not able to do half of the craziness they do today and now we are basically carrying little computers in our pocket. There is always room for improvement when it comes to technology and one of the main problems I have seen both my friends and family deal with is the need to carry a charger everywhere they go because their devices die so fast.

Most people like to listen to music while they are multitasking on their phones, which kills the battery twice as fast but with a hi-res music player that will all be in the past. So now you can go a day without having to charge your phone a million times. You also can hear a noticeable difference in quality of your music on these devices; its almost as if you are at a live concert without all the screaming fans. Now that I have got your attention let’s explore these things called high res music players.



Lotoo Paw 5000 High Res Music Player

Unfortunately you can’t play Pokémon go on this bad boy but don’t jump to any crazy conclusions just yet. With the Lotoo PAW5000 you are able to play Pokémon go on your phone and listen to music way longer on one battery charge than before. Its operating system is SDXC compatible, which extends your storage to 2tb, now that’s a lot of music.

Don’t be misguided by the simple design, the PAW5000 is totally up to date with A2DP Bluetooth to connect to appropriate devices and ample format handling. Hopefully you have not moved all your music needs to streaming services because of course you need digital files or some of your own files to put on this device. The Lotoo PAW5000 is bringing simplicity back into our lives when it comes to technology so give your phone a break and pick up the PAW5000.



Fiio X7

There are plenty of music services out right now but most people want to listen to high resolution music files and some of those services just don’t offer that.  The Fiio X7 comes with 32GB of internal storage but you can use a microSD which adds up to 128GB. Between all the apps and other important data on your phone it’s just not possible for your phone to hold that much music. With the X7 you are able to have the best of both worlds; you can have more space for apps and have a devices strictly for high res music.

As companies come out with new electronic devices they try to make the build thinner but thick is in right now and that’s what the Fiio X7 has to offer. The thickness is not due to a lack there of updated technology and at the end of the day you are paying for its ability to play higher quality music.

It’s comes with a headphone amplifier that screws onto the bottom but if you would like a stronger amp there are many out there compatible with the Fiio X7.  This one is touchscreen so you can feel a little more in your element with this device. What is really cool about the X7 is you can download apps from the google play store so if you don’t own a song you can always download apps like Spotify or Tidal. The Fiio X7 is a fantastic replacement for your phone when it comes to your musical needs.



calyx M

I know some of us just want to stay a little grounded instead of sending all of our music up in the cloud and with portable manufacturers like Calyx it’s possible to keep your music here on earth. The MI functions as a USB DAC or simply a portable player. This device supports files up to 32-bit depth and has one gigabyte of internal storage.

The Calyx M1 has a battery life up to five or six hours better than most phones when in use full time. The M1 is touchscreen as well and is not prone to any major functionality problems with the screen nor the operating system. It has this unique smooth moving volume slider of the side. Overall the Calyx M1 is a great product, it sound better than any phone, it has slots for micro and standard SD cards, and it drives an array of headphones.



Astell & Kern AK380

The Astell & Kern AK380 is an amazing representation of the evolution of the high res music player industry. Although it is the most expensive of the bunch, it definitely give you more bang for your buck. It comes with an easy set up for WIFI and a good sized colored touch screen. The AK380 is a striking music player and its build is different from most other players with stronger, more appealing materials. It also has a much larger than other portable music players.

The AK380 has arguably the most authentic audio quality that works with most if not all music formats out there. Most other high res music players don’t download past 24 bit but the AK380 downloads a whopping 32 bit which allows musicians to listen to raw recordings. It has an internal memory of 256 GB but can easily be increased by another 128 GB with a microSD card.  It includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, parametric or graphic EQ, DAC, and availability to streaming services.

Astell & Kern’s AK380 is a great device with an amazing design. It offers a large network of features and unique additions that’s have not been seen on other music players let alone a cell phone.



I know it may be hard to let your phone have a break but this is the direction to go in if you have a real love for music and want to hear a higher quality of it. Remember thick is in so don’t worry if your hi res music player is not as thin as your cell phone. As long as it takes you to nirvana, it’s done its job right. So put your phone down and pick up any one of these guys at Sonic Electronix.