NVX has found a solution that has plagued most car audio enthusiasts for years: how to get awesome bass without comprising trunk space. NVX would like to introduce their BOOST Subwoofer Enclosures. These vehicle-specific subwoofer enclosures offer deep bass and rich sound while taking up little to any space in your trunk. With its seamless design, it’ll look like it’s been there the entire time. Here are some reasons we recommend them:

Designed Specifically for Your Vehicle

NVX’s BOOST enclosures were painstakingly designed by their in-house engineers to combat the lack of rich and deep bass commonly associated with the factory sound system. NVX specifically chose each based on the dimensions of each enclosure. This will allow you to get the most out of each vehicle specific enclosure we offer. NVX matched each of their subwoofers to their enclosures to ensure optimum efficiency, heat dissipation, and sensitivity.

They Maintain That Clean Looking Factory Fit and Finish

Most aftermarket subwoofer boxes are typically large and bulky taking up large portions of your trunk. NVX’s vehicle-specific subwoofer packages were carefully designed and engineered to fit within the existing layout they were made for. The finish will allow the enclosure to seamlessly blend into your vehicle.

They Offer A Complete Subwoofer Package

The NVX BOOST Complete Subwoofer Packages work with what is already in your car, even with a factory stereo. No need to purchase anything else! We offer both the enclosed subwoofer and the complete package for your own installation. So no need for any guesswork about what you need for this project. Each bundle also includes an amplifier, a full amplifier wiring kit, and the NVX XLCA2 2-channel line-out converter

With these tools in hand, you have everything you need to upgrade your vehicle. See, or hear, what the noise is all about! Check out our line of BOOST boxes today and consider upgrading your car’s sound system today!