It’s the new year and what a better time than ever to upgrade your car radio. Here at Sonic Electronix, our staff has chosen five new stereos we think you should consider while shopping around. These five stereos come from brands praised for their innovation and dedication to crafting the right receiver for you.


The JVC KW-V66BT 6.8” Captive Touch  Multimedia Receiver is unlike any other stereo we’ve seen on the market. Along with its Bluetooth capabilities and seamless smartphone integration, this stereo includes a feature called time alignment. When you’re trying to listen to music in your car, you may notice a delay in sound. With time alignment, you can digitally delay the closest speaker so that every speaker reaches your ears at the exact same time. Now that’s a useful feature for audiophiles and music listeners alike! The stereo is also rearview camera ready and is compatible with an optional remote control.

2. Pioneer DMH-WT76NEX

With the innovative and powerful interface, the Pioneer DMH-WT76NEX is designed for the smartphone-driven lifestyle. Get caught up on the latest news, traffic updates, and hands-free control with the Built-in Amazon Alexa. Simply ask, and Alexa will respond instantly. The stereo’s floating display configuration allows for a large display using just a universal 1-DIN chassis. Check out the other fantastic features including wireless or wired Apple Carplay and Android Auto. This gives you the ability to choose how you want to connect your phone to the stereo. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto works by using wifi connectivity to automatically connect your phone to the stereo without plugging in your phone. This radio also has Car A/V Assist allowing web browsing and home screen customization, and it has a built-in HD Radio tuner.

3. JVC KWZ1000W

Add some flair to your vehicle with the JVC KW-Z1000W! The 10.1” stereo is designed with your smartphone mind with its Apple and Android capabilities allowing you to stream your favorite tunes. The time alignment technology takes away the noise you’ll experience while listening to music. The WiFi and HDMI phone mirroring feature allows you to control your smartphone right on the screen in crisp HD. One of my features has to be optical bonding technology. This reduces any glare from your screen and doesn’t fog up your screen, giving you a clear screen no matter what!

4. Kenwood eXcelon DNR1007XR

The Kenwood eXcelon DNR1007XR’s large 10.1” HD screen provides you room for more information that is large and easy to read. The floating panel gives you 3-way position adjustment just for you. This stereo offers Bluetooth connectivity for dual phone connection, works with both Apple and Android devices, and allows you to control your receiver with the Kenwood Remote App S. Each receiver comes equipped with Garmin, the industry-leading navigation software. Garmin gives you a photo-realistic view of your route along with lane assistance. See what all the hype is about!

5. Kenwood DMX1037S

Just like the previous receiver, the Kenwood DMX1037S comes equipped with the same high-quality technology we expect from the brand. From the 10.1” HD touchscreen with customizable widgets to its Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity making streaming music easier than ever. Also, just like the rest of the stereos on this list, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard on this radio. Similar to some of the other stereos on this list, you are given the option to choose between wireless or wired Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Enjoy rich and immersive audio with your very own Kenwood radio today! 

Are you looking for a stereo that maybe didn’t make this list? Check out our full catalog of car stereos so you can find the right one for you!