Adding an extra battery is always recommended if you want to outfit your boat with accessories such as a robust stereo subwoofer system, electric windlass, cabin and deck lighting and any other electronics. One frequently asked question is how many batteries do I need for my boat for speakers. Your average boat typically comes from the factory with only one battery or the alternative which is two inadequately sized batteries. While this is ideal for starting the engine and other operations, every boat owner needs to have a second battery bank to run bigger DC loads for longer. The number of batteries you’ll need depends on the type. Here’s Sonic Electronix’s list of the best batteries for your boat speakers as well as the different types of marine batteries available.

1. XS Power XP750 Special Edition 600W Battery For Boats

With a 600 amp power output potential, the XS Power XP750 is the ideal battery for car or boat owners on the go. Since this special edition battery is specifically designed to store as much energy as possible, users have no need for a capacitor. For those who like to drive hard and fast, the XS Power XP750 is highly resistant to vibrations. The manufacturer ensures that safety is the first priority, which is why this precise product is non-hazardous and includes no external vents. It can be tricky to locate a good spot to pace your battery on a boat; XS Power added an M6 terminal to solve this problem once and for all.

Types of Marine Batteries

Starting Batteries

Much similar to automotive batteries, starting batteries supply an enormous amount of current for a very short period. However, these batteries like to be recharged almost immediately and don’t do well with deep discharges. Starting batteries are idyllic for use as a single battery for runabouts, small water-crafts, and boats with minimal DC loads.

2. XS Power XP3000

There’s a reason why XS Power remains a trusted audio brand for most vehicle owners. This power-packed battery provides up to 3000 amps that will power even the most demanding 3000-watt audio stereo system. With this bad boy, boat owners can take their yachts and ships as far out to sea for as long as they want without fear of battery drain. Featuring a sealed absorbed glass mat (AGM) design, this battery significantly reduces vibrations. The manufacturer uses the same non-hazardous design and no external vents for optimum installation positions.

Best Batteries for Boat Speakers

Deep Cycle Batteries

These are the most popular marine batteries because they can endure repeated recharging and deep discharging without any damage. They are appropriate for fishing boats, sailboats, and private boats with much larger DC power requirements. Any battery that is intended to power on board DC loads such as lighting, inverters and trolling needs to be a good quality deep-cycle battery. The norm for most boat owners is usually to have a dual-battery system with one starting battery and one deep cycle battery.

3. Shuriken SK-MBT-55

Boasting of an intelligent and unique spill free design, the SK-MBT-55 lives up to its name with 55 amp hours of operation. Cars and boats can often get really hot and humid; that’s why this particular product is made to resist extreme temperatures and even the heaviest of vibrations. The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) design allows for easy and convenient installation in any preferred position. Shuriken understands that your music is precious to you, that’s why they developed this battery to be discharged and recharged as many times as the owner needs to. Once you install the SK-MBT-55, you won’t ever need to worry about maintenance or leakages. It is fully sealed and comes with a whole year’s warranty from the manufacturer.

Dual-Purpose Batteries

These batteries are the perfect compromise between functionality and durability. They work extremely well and will tolerate rampant charging and discharging. However, due to their lower storage capacities, boat owners are advised to couple two batteries up and use them interchangeably for starting and on board electric loads.

Sonic Electronix’s Pro Tip:

Finding the right battery for your boat does not have to be brain-wracking. It’s all about identifying what will work well for your boat and your lifestyle. Everyone is reminded to observe high levels of safety and precaution while working with batteries. They contain an outstanding and potentially dangerous amount of energy. Always remove the positive battery cables from the terminals while working on your electrical system to avoid electrocution.