If you live anywhere near a city, riding a motorbike is far more convenient than the ordinary methods of getting around. Filling up the tank is cheaper, weaving through traffic is easier, and you don’t have the hassle that comes with looking for huge parking spots. However, music lovers who have to weave through crowded streets often curse at the insurmountable levels of noise. In such a teeming environment, stock radios, speakers, and amp kits might not quite make the cut. In fact, it’s almost impossible to hear your music over the hustle and bustle of a vibrant city. What you need are options that allow you to dominate ever single aspect of your environment. Sonic Electronix gives you the best audio options for city riders and why they are at the top of their game.

1.Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Motorcycle Speakers

These 6.5 inch Prime series coaxial speakers come with an RFKHD9813 Amp installation kit and a mounting plate for compact power and punch amplifiers. The outdoors can be very noisy and indifferent, and it only gets worse as you go deeper in a city. That’s why Rockford Fosgate engineered this complete kit for the biker on the go. The speakers peak at 180 watts with a recommended power range of 10 to 50 watts RMS for each channel. This will do adequately for considerable levels of noise.

More Features

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 for motorcycles

No matter which city you live in, the levels of noise can quickly become unbearable. Nobody wants to get a headache while cruising around the streets. Audio options designed for city dwellers and riders usually carry more features than the average ones. One feature to look out for is high wattage when buying audio systems for loud locations. The higher the wattage, the more volume you will get from your speakers. What you need is a couple hundred watts of industry leading, distortion free output for pure full range sound. Other nifty features that you simply can’t help but love are Bluetooth audio streaming for compatibility with as many modern devices as possible.

2.UNIQ Cycle Sounds UCS-PL-BT-4 Motorcycle Speakers

For riders looking to dominate every aspect of their environment, the UNIQ Cycle Sounds UCS-PL-BT-4 is the way to go. These Platinum Edition bar mounted motorcycle speakers are completely weatherproof and come nifty with Bluetooth audio streaming compatible with iPods, smartphones, and MP3 sources. UNIQ Cycle Sounds gave these beauties a triple plate chrome finish that quite attractive.

UNIQ Cycle Sounds UCS-PL-BT-4

Weather Proof

Cities might be business hubs and high population areas, but they are also dirty, grimy and extremely unpredictable. You could be riding along a smooth pavement only to hit a massive pothole full of water or get caught in a rainstorm. Since all your things (including you) are exposed to the elements, it’s only expected that you and your bike will get thoroughly wet. The best audio options for city riders need to be weatherproof to withstand the harsh elements of the urban jungle.

3.Biketronics BT7P1RG Harley Speakers

Don’t be fooled by its moderate 240 Watt peaking power; these speakers can really get loud and noisy with a frequency response of 45- 22,000 Hertz. The BT7P1RG speakers are not only waterproof, but they also incorporate rubber surround and silk dome tweeters for excellent sound delivery.

Sturdy Components

Biketronics BT7P1RG for motorcycles

Let’s face it, the city can sometimes turn ugly, brutal and extremely unkind. Whether it’s brushing your bar speakers against traffic or leaving your bike at the mercy of an unattended parking lot, you don’t want any of your audio accessories to go missing. Having sturdy components and installation kits ensures that each and every individual cog in the sound cycle is safely and securely fastened. You can imagine the horror of dropping your speakers or amplifier on the road in the middle of rush hour. You’d be lucky if other cars don’t turn your precious speakers into road-kill. Always ensure that every item is installed correctly by the right experts to avoid costly accidents.

Bottom Line

With today’s vast array of practical and effective audio options for motorcycles, riders should no longer have to be limited by the noise levels in cities and highways. If you are tired of listening to annoying honks and vague, distant speech over your playlist, check out sonicelectronix.com today and take control of your environment.