The much anticipated Annual Sand Sports Super Show finally quenched some auto lovers’ thirst; at least till next year. This year, the show was held at California, Costa Mesa in Orange County Fairgrounds from the 16th to 18th September courtesy of UTVUnderground and 4-Wheel Parts. Nothing kicks off the local sand dune season than a powerful array of top off-road and UTV companies gathering in one place to showcase their latest innovations and products. This year’s platform gave enthusiasts one of the largest ever selection of sand sports manufacturers in a single location. While the 2016 Sand Sports Super Show celebrated its 18th year, the more notable event was the transfer of the series’ ownership from promoters Don and Murphy to Family Events who are also the owners of Off-Road Expo.

Over the years, The 2016 Sand Sports Super Show has become a staple in the autos industry, and fans are always looking forward to viewing the leanest and meanest kings of the desert. You can always head over to the show ready to see anything; from the newest, shiniest UTV to the old school sand rails, anything that can tackle the unique and ever-shifting desert terrain. This is the only place where manufacturers feel free to unveil a whole bunch of new products and automobiles that are specifically designed for this one show. For the last few shows, Yamaha and Can-Am have utilized this platform as a lucrative opportunity to showcase their brand new UTVs. Fortunately for all, this year’s show did not disappoint in the slightest. Want some proof? Even RJ Anderson’s 2017 XP1K4 Polaris RZR Turbo 1000 was right there for everyone to gawk at.

A Difference This Year

Just like all the 17 other previous shows, this year’s show was particularly strong and perhaps a bit more jam packed. This only proves that the sand market is still well alive and growing more popular by the year. One thing that was also clearly evident this year was the change in types of vehicles. For those of you who can remember when the show began i.e. loyal, veteran Sand Sports Super Show lovers; it was all about quads and dirt bikes. But this year, and in the few previous shows, these vehicles are becoming nearly impossible to find anywhere near the display.

The show was packed with side by sides and UTVs that took most of the grounds and fans attention. However, there were, of course, the occasional sand rails and other favorite SSVs, but it was as clear as daylight that the power sports market has grabbed all ownership of this segment and dozens of impressive parts. For those who missed all the fancy features, new vehicles and custom-built beasts on the sand, be sure to check out some pictures.

This was a cool green UTV Cobra displayed at the show:

Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks Races

To cap off the first two nights of the show (Friday and Saturday), Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks brought out the high-energy races to off-road enthusiasts in a wide array of classes. The greatest part of these races, however, was before the entire race begun; that’s where all the action was. Prior to the Stadium Super Truck races, enthusiasts and auto lovers got the chance to come out on the track to check out the vehicles and even touch the hood of their favorite cars. At least some of us can say that we’ve been behind the wheel of a Class 1400 super truck.

This year’s races featured Class 1400 desert trucks, Arctic Cat UTV racing and of course, the Stadium Super Trucks. The grandest and most exciting event was the UTV open race that was open to all sorts of makes and models side-by-side. However, the Class 1400 was quite a sight to behold. The race featured trucks that that would not usually tear the track with door to door racing on such a short course. And just like you would expect it, there had to be carnage in this event. And sure enough, an unfortunate Class 1400 driver ended up flipping on his lid during Saturday’s intense race. Sure, we’re all used to watching those sleek, sports cars race around for miles on end; but where else are you going to catch the hugest, monstrous, super trucks going head to head at dangerously close quarters? Only at the 2016 Sand Sports Super Show where drivers are always ready to test the limits of their vehicles.

UTV, SSV, ATV, 4-Wheelin Audio Accessories

As this sport continues to advance we saw a lot of great advancements in the audio category. Everything from sound bars to tower speakers were shown this year. Clarion had a big prescence with their booth display along with some great options.

Make sure to check out our options for all your SSV audio needs.