Grado SR80i

By David D. – Product Specialist

Grado is known to manufacture some of the finest sounding headphones you will ever hear, with the introduction of the SR80i, their reputation will not be diminished. When I had a chance to try the Grado SR80i Prestige Series Headphones, I was quickly intrigued by the lightweight, on-ear design with spongy, supple ear cushions and a soft, fully adjustable headband, which provided me with incredible comfort.   The thick copper cable is equipped with a 1/8” plug and gold-plated connectors, this is perfect for today’s music lovers because it provides a connection for iPod, portable music players, laptops or any other electronic devices that have a mini-jack audio output. A large, screw on 1/4” plug adapter is also included with the headphones for use with studio or DJ equipment, which make the SR80i a well rounded headphone that can be used in any type of musical environment.

As powerful and as impressive as these headphones are, they will not reach their fullest potential until you implement a Grado Headphone Amplifier to them. This is not a necessity by any means, but will enhance your listening sessions immensely. Grados SR80i Headphones sound magnificent with all genres of music, the highs are stunning and the bass isn’t over powering like some higher end headphones. An improved dynamic driver design with open air operation decreases distortion and provides more control over the upper and lower ranges of the frequency range to enhance sound clarity even more. Grado has also produced replaceable earpads for all of their headphones for an increased life-span. When I first listened to these headphones, I was unaware of the price, if somebody would’ve asked me how much I would pay for them, I probably would say around $200-$300, when I found out they were only $99, I purchased them on the spot and have not been disappointed. No matter what music you listen to, the Grado SR80i will not let you down.