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Selecting the Best Headphone Type: Closed-Back, Open-Back, and Semi-Open Back

When searching for a new pair of on-ear or over-ear headphones, one important step to making the best selection is to consider all the...

Professional Headphones 15 % Off Sale at Sonic Electronix

If you are looking for an upgrade in the field of home, DJ, or studio Professional Headphones now is the time to act. For...

Sonic Electronix’s Top 5 In-Ear Headphones Part 2 of 2

Last week we kicked-off our list of top five in-ear headphones and got off to a great start. This week we continue with some...

Grado SR80i Headphones

By David D. – Product Specialist Grado is known to manufacture some of the finest sounding headphones you will ever hear, with the introduction of...

Grado Headphones Now Carried By Sonic Electronix

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist The Grado name is a familiar sound among true audiophiles.  For over 50 years, Grado has been the manufacturer...