Ethereal HDMWL1

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

When the original HDMI Cable and full HD television was introduced, we were amazed at the clarity and possibilities of this new technology.  A simple cable being able to transfer incredibly detailed images with bright and vivid color to a panel that could accurately display lifelike images.  Could this technology get any better?  As time passes and technology continues to develop into something bigger and better, it only becomes a matter of time before the next best thing comes along.  For high-definition display, the time for the next big thing is now.

Select manufacturers have developed wireless transmitters to send and receive a full HD signal.  What was only available via an HDMI cable before now can be found in a wireless format.  That means that without the use of wires, a full 1080p picture can be sent from your blu-ray player or HD cable box to your television.  The source unit is connected to a small transmitter box.  The HDTV is connected to a small receiver box.  Once the transmitter and receiver are properly installed, they will send a wireless audio and video signal to each other.  LG is one of the leading manufacturers with this technology and have recently released the LG AN-WL100, which can transmit an uncompressed full HD signal for up to 50 feet.  Even if there are walls and door blocking the box from the display, the A/V signal will still reach the display without interruption. This type of device is perfect for those that want to keep their home theater hassle-free with less cables to run from one part of the room to the other.  Many of these digital wireless transmitters can be used with all types of audio and video devices, including cables boxes, blu-ray players, Xbox, Playstation 3, home computers, and any other device with the appropriate audio/video connection.  LG isn’t the only company to be making these wireless transmitters.  Ethereal, a company that manufacturers many high-end home theater supplies has recently released the HDMWL1.  Similar to the ANWL100 from LG, the ethereal offers up to full 1080p uncompressed video with 24 fps or 30 fps.  No longer do we have to run expensive HDMI cable when there is an efficient wireless solution.