Monster Cable PowerNet

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

As more electronic devices in the home rely on the Internet to send and receive information, it can become a challenge to find ways to get this connection to them.  Until now, the popular way was to establish a wireless network and use the Wi-Fi connection to receive the data from the internet.  While this method can be convenient and effective, it might not be the best way to effectively receive the data that these new devices require to operate properly.  The newest computers, televisions, blu-ray players, and other home devices require massive amounts of information to be transferred to give the user a seamless and enjoyable experience.  Services like Netflix, Vudo, Pandora, and more allow a constant flow of streaming content to be endlessly played through HDTVs or blu-ray players.  Consider the LG BD590 blu-ray player that is capable of streaming Netflix, Roxio CinemaNow, Picasa, Vudu, Weather updates with, and Pandora.  That is a lot of options to choose from… and a lot of bandwidth for your wireless system.

In an ideal situation, these internet hungry devices should be connected with an Ethernet cable directly to the router.  This can be hard to do if all these different devices find themselves in different parts of the house.  Running wires across the floor and along the walls are simply out of the question.  This is where the Monster PowerNet200 becomes a vital part of your home.  The PowerNet is available in a 100, 200, and 300 series.  The unit plugs into the wall and allows devices to connect to a network (the internet) by simply plugging into the wall outlet.  The main concept behind this is to send the internet over the power lines.  Set up only requires two steps.  First, connect one PowerNet to the main network router with an Ethernet cable and then plug it into the wall.  Second, connect the receiving device (such as a blu-ray player) to a different PowerNet with an Ethernet cable and plug that into the wall outlet located next to the device.  That’s it!  Just by using the PowerNet and plugging into a standard wall outlet, you will receive a blazing fast internet connection that these devices require.