Adding a capacitor to your vehicle audio system gives an extra boost to your car that desperately needs it. Capacitors store extra, temporary power and then releases it when your car has strained too much power. If you believe your car needs that extra boost, then consider purchasing one for yourself. Follow our buying guide on capacitors before purchasing one. 

Which one should I get?

When determining which capacitor works best for your vehicle, you have to determine how much farads you need. A farad is the measurement unit used to determine the size. A rule of thumb to learn when looking for the right capacitor to power an amplifier is 1 farad for every 500 watts RMS. If you decide to use a capacitor much larger than recommended, it will not harm your audio system but it is not good to put that much strain if you do not have to. Follow our guide to know which cap works best for you. 

Our recommendation on which capacitor should you buy

1 – 1.9 Farad


This 1.0-farad capacitor works great for systems up to 1200 watts. With its built-in distribution block, the NVX XCAPF1 increases peak power for your amp and helps with dimming lights in your car.

2 – 2.9 Farad

Belva BB2D

The 2.0-farad capacitor works great for systems up to 2000 watts. The Belva BB2D has a red LED voltage display and an audible warning indicator. It also has automatic shutoff protection. It works with any gauge wiring with ring terminals.

3 – 4.9 Farad

Massive Audio RCE

The Massive Audio RCE exclusively works Massive Audio NANO Edge Series amplifiers. This 4.0-farad capacitor has an easy and simple installation: just plug into your amplifier and you’re good to go. It evens out power needs in the event a drop occurs.

5 + Farad

Stinger SPC5010

The 10-farad capacitor is great for high powered systems. The Stinger SPC5010 performs like a battery and capacitor combined into one system. This system offers a louder and cleaner bass response for your vehicle.

What’s Next? 

If you are looking for more information on capacitors, check out our blog about five facts you should know about capacitors. Once you chose the perfect capacitor for your vehicle and you are ready to install it, check out our blog on how to do just that.