Able Planet Hear the Difference ChallengeWe made a break for the Able Planet booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 being held at the Las Vegas Convention center. Why? So we could let our ears try out some sweet gear. Able Planet scheduled us to arrive at noon for a presentation that they were keeping hush hush so we were a little scared at first. They had us sit in a chair with two signs pointing at us that said “Hear the Difference Challenge”, at this point we relaxed and let excitement take over. We were the first to get to participate in the “A or B” headphone listening test they had setup which would let us fully understand how their Linx Audio technology sounds in action.

Linx Audio bumps up the high frequency harmonics which bring out the clarity in music, especially difficult to hear words and syllables. A great side effect of this is that your perception of loudness increases when in fact the loudness is not increasing at all leaving you with crisp audio even at lower volumes. Able Planet described it like the difference you hear when you play a “C” note on a piano, as opposed to a “C” Chord. The “C” Chord demonstrates the impact of adding harmonics to the audio signal.If that isn’t good enough for you, Linx Audio also removes distortion and undesirable sound to further increase the clarity of your music. The real question here was, “Does it actually work well?”, and we had just the method to find out.

Hear the Difference Challenge

Let the test begin! They had two pairs of headphones, one A and one B, and one of them was packed with Linx Audio. Every 10 seconds they switched the headphones on us and we were not allowed to look. Both headphones sounded great at first, but after a few more swaps we started noticing a subtle but large difference in sound. It was apparent in the test that the Linx Audio technology really bumped up the sound quality, especially with Carlos Santanna behind the strings of his guitar in the recorded track we were listening too. Linx Audio technology has won numerous Innovation Awards and we understand why: Great Sound Quality.