Are you looking for a way to make your family vehicle a little more exciting? Headrest monitors are a great way to entertain your family and friends on long drives, and they are becoming surprisingly more affordable. Concept Chameleon has recently released the 902 series headrest monitors, and they look stunning. There are two models available, one with a built in DVD player and the other without. These universal monitors look great in any car when replacing your factory headrests.


Add video playback for every passenger with this video monitor. Its 9” LCD screen has exceptional picture quality and looks great under any lighting conditions. This is the perfect companion to the CLD-902 due to it supporting RCA video input. Link it up with any component that offers video output, and you are set to go.


This standalone monitor has a built in DVD player so you do not need to purchase any additional components. You can use this monitor as a video source for connecting additional video devices such as other headrest monitors or overhead screens. This video monitor has both video input and output so you may link together as many as you would like.

The Choice is Clear

The headrest monitors are built with good quality parts. The design is so simple, simply connect the power and ground wires and plug in your RCA video cable. The adjustable pole pieces can accommodate most vehicles, making this the perfect upgrade for any car, truck or van. If you are looking add video playback to your car, Concept Chameleon has you covered.