Kicker SubwoofersThe International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 is full of great and wonderful things, especially when you condense them into small packages. Kicker demonstrated their ability to take tons of power and condense it into a box roughly the size of your hand. Their new PX PowerSport Series line of amplifiers fit almost anywhere and are great for boats, RV’s, golf carts, motorcycles, ATV’s, and so much more. The biggest claim to fame with these amplifiers is that they can produce a lot of power from 12V systems that have low current capabilities. To demonstrate the power to size ratio, Kicker setup eight of their 10″ Comp woofers all wired to the PX200.1 monoblock class A/B amplifier. We were more than impressed with an amplifier that small pushing eight subwoofers and doing it well.

The PX200.1 is a reliable, weather-resistant power amplifier that comes in at 6″ wide by 2″ high, quite astounding. What is especially astounding is the fact that this little monoblock runs 200 watts at 0.5 ohms, talk about high power and low current draw! To make things easy, mounting hardware is included, though with such a small size, installing it into anything will be easy. We are excited to see what creative uses people find for these amplifiers in the near future.