How The Best Remote Starts For Your Vehicle Make Life Easier

Tired of losing your dull, rusty and unexciting car keys? It might be time to switch over to the digital side. Remote car starters have recently swept through the markets at an incredible rate. This popularity could largely be associated with their numerous advantages over traditional keys. Unlike a couple years ago when people were apprehensive about this new technology, remote car starter manufacturers and review sites have proven time and time again that their equipment is totally secure. In fact, ten out of ten drivers agree that remote starts make an excellent and almost inimitable addition to their cars. Let’s take a trip through some of the best remote starts for your vehicle and how they help make your life better.

Types of Remote Starters

Why Do I Need a Remote Car Start?

1. Convenience

This is exactly what all car owners dream of when they sleep at night. Nobody wants to fiddle around with a set of rusty, bendy keys; quite frankly, it’s slow, unsafe and boring. With the simple press of a button, you can now start your motor vehicle from a distance. This isn’t just a luxury; it’s the lifeline your engine needs to live longer and work more efficiently. This takes us to the next reason why you need the best remote starts for your vehicle.

2. Engine Maintenance

As we covered, a remote start allows car owners to start their automobiles from a distance. This allows car owners to conveniently start their cars from within their homes as they prepare for the drive. Now, any auto nerd knows that running your car for some minutes before driving it actually enables the engine to function more optimally. Especially after being off for a few hours or days. How exactly does this work? Warming the engine makes the oil more viscous, thus providing higher levels of lubrication to the engine.

3. Safety

Every driver has safety concerns while both on the road and off. This can only be achieved by maintaining high levels of road safety and observing all road regulations and standards. This is especially evident in the winter season where a simple drive can become a dangerous affair. If your car has been out in the snow all night, it’s bound to be all over the exterior, top to bottom. How do you get it off in time for early morning traffic?

The best remote starts for your vehicle lets you start your car from the house and watch the snow and ice thaw out in a matter of minutes. This will help clear the windscreen for a much better view, and also save you those precious minutes. This also works towards clearing snow that gets stuck on the brakes and headlights too. Always ensure you have full control of your vehicle while driving; be safe.

N.B. It is important to note that every manufacturer is required to indicate the range of their remote starts on the packaging. While the specified range may be around 500-3000 feet, keep in mind that RF interference, walls, buildings and other obstacles may significantly affect the range. It’s always wise to buy a remote start with some additional range to compensate for this.

 Other features include:

  • Factory Key Fob Remote Start
  • Multiple Bus Architecture Utilization
  • Preloaded Firmware for Max Compatibility
  • 15 Minute Full System Installation
  • Multi and General Purpose Plugs for Connecting Non-Datalink Equipped Systems
  • Self-Learning Algo that Detects Vehicle Programming Automatically and Adjusts Accordingly

Omega never ceases to amaze with their ingenuity. Their newest 2-way remote start vehicle Security System includes a Button Remote and BLADE Technology. The keyless entry also incorporates optional outputs for both the horn and a bypass for alarm, door lock and the remote. The smart system also allows car owners to activate other systems such as heating and air conditioning. It’s the ultimate, all in one tool for any smart driver out there.

Remote Start and Included Alarm for Ford SUV’s as well as F-550 Trucks

The All-inclusive EVO-FORT1 interface is one of the easiest systems to install. It has a Vehicle particular harness for the expedition, F-Series trucks, explorer and ford . The factory key fob is equipped with intelligent access that allows it to recall various positions for movable elements of your car. This includes the seat position, mirror position as well as the steering column position. All these parts are set in memory and are aligned as soon as you start the car. This makes the EVO-Fortin a winner for comfort and convenience.