Sonic Electronix is a massive fan of NVX products! From their amplifiers to their subwoofers, NVX produces high-quality products for audiophiles and casual car enthusiasts alike. We would like to highlight their V-Series Speakers. These speakers meet the standards as their previous series and then some! Read why we are excited to carry them.

The Perfect Way to Upgrade Your Factory System

The NVX V-Series is a great upgrade if you are looking to spice up your car’s sound system. These speakers are more than just your average replacement speakers. The powerful speakers pack a major when it comes to sound. We wanted to truly test out the sound so we installed the speakers in our demo car. The results just blew us away! The V-Series Speakers lit up the interior of our demo car with brilliant highs and rich, powerful mids which really brought the music to life!


The V-Series Line-Up is Made for Any Application

The V-Series Speakers come in both coaxial and component, offering you a range of speaker applications. The speakers come in 4”, 5.25”, 6”, 6.5”, 6×8”, & 6×9” coaxial models as well as 5.25” and 6.5” component models. There is no one else on the market today that delivers this level of sound quality at this price point for component speakers. Each set of components comes with NVX’s 25mm VSPTW tweeters and two crossover networks engineered to beautifully complete the natural roll-off from the tweeters to the mid-woofers.

Brilliant Highs & Rich, Powerful Mids

Just like all of NVX’s other products, the V-Series Speakers are designed with long-lasting durability and high-quality sound in mind. Each cone is designed from a lightweight polypropylene material, providing your speakers with accurate mid and low notes. The Nitrile Butadiene rubber surround supports the linear movement for optimal accuracy for your speakers. The stamped steel basket is engineered for a sturdy foundation. The Y30 Ferrite motor structure maintains exceptional control over the driver for tight, crisp reproduction. The 1″ 3/16 High-temperature TSV voice coil provides superior current distribution while effectively dissipating heat.

The Enhanced Tweeter Design Provides Remarkable Clarity & Definition

When it comes to designing the V-Series Speakers, NVX wanted to keep the same high-quality sound from our other speakers. NVX took the same silk-dome tweeter found in their N-Series speakers and improved upon them by increasing the surface area from 20mm to 25mm. This enhancement allows these speakers to directly compete with speakers 2-3 times the price. The tweeters deliver rich, warm treble with remarkable clarity and definition.

To learn more about speakers in general or deciding which speaker best fit your vehicle, check out our blog on the topic. You can also browse our entire catalog of speakers on our site.


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