Under seat subwoofers, also called low profile subwoofers, are a great choice for many audio systems and vehicles. Their compact size, performance, and ease of installation are why brands have continued to produce a variety of options. Are they a good choice for you? In this article, we will cover 5 fast facts about under seat subwoofers that you need to know. 

1. Under seat subwoofers deliver well-rounded sound

One concern for those in the under seat sub market is whether or not the speakers will be loud enough, provide enough bass, and meet their overall audio desires. Although they will not hit as hard as the large box counterparts, like many 12” or 15” sub boxes, the under seat subwoofers do provide a quality sound and lows, or bass. 

This is especially true when you are using standard, factory speakers that are already installed in your vehicle. As an example, many vehicles will only come equipped with factory 6” x 9” speakers, 4” or 5” door speakers, and tweeters. These speakers will not provide bass and lows, and adding an under seat subwoofer will elevate your audio experience and overall sound quality.

2. They are the perfect choice for saving space

One of the most attractive features of under seat subs is the space-saving that is gained when using them, versus large subwoofer boxes and enclosures. When using larger boxes and enclosures, you usually place them inside your trunk. Baby strollers, groceries, sporting equipment, work tools, and other items need to share the space with sub boxes which do not work well for many.

To save that space, under seat subwoofers are a great option. With their compact size, they can simply fit underneath a seat, using space that typically is not utilized to begin with.


3. Under seat subwoofers do not have to be placed under your seat

Although the name suggests that these subwoofers are placed under the seat, they can be installed in other locations. For example, many truck owners will place the subs behind the rear bench. Hatchback or coupe owners might choose the rear area of the hatchback or in the trunk. 

The lightweight and compact nature of under seat subwoofers make placement options very flexible, which is the opposite of large boxes and enclosures.

4. Most are typically loaded and amplified

Another attractive feature of under seat subwoofers is that they can work seamlessly with your existing factory stereo. This makes them a great choice for those that do not want to upgrade their entire system or for those with a limited budget. This is due to the fact that they are loaded and amplified. That means the subwoofer is already loaded in the box and you do not need to install an external amplifier. The only thing you will need is an amp kit so you can provide power and ground to the built-in amplifier.

5. They are relatively easy to install

For those of you that enjoy audio installation projects, under seat subwoofers are relatively easy to get up and running. Obviously you will need to run some wiring, connect to your existing stereo, and remove the panel trim. Like we mentioned before, having the built-in amplifier speeds up this entire process 

These five fast facts about under seat subwoofers have hopefully helped you make a more educated decision on your specific sub needs. Browse our large selection of under seat subwoofers and quick bass solutions here to start upgrading your audio system!