If you have ever tried installing any sound or entertainment system on a motorcycle, then you must have noticed it’s a whole different ball game than upgrading the audio on your whip. To get it just right, there are three major problems that need to be solved. First, motorcycles simply do not have a lot of extra storage space for audio upgrades. Secondly, bikes come with lots of protective features but in essence, riders are exposed to the elements and as well as the motorcycle speakers and electronic components of the motorcycle. Lastly, motorcycles can get super loud and deafening considering you are sitting right on top of the engine.

Music can add another level of excitement to your ride. A long, trip across the state can quickly turn boring and monotonous without it. So, how do you solve all these problems while ensuring that you don’t compromise quality? Well here at Sonic Electronix we want to make it as easy as possible to choose the best bike speakers. Here is a list of some of the most popular motorcycle speakers.

Biketronics BT7P1

When it comes to durability and reliability, Biketronics are some of the best motorcycle speakers. Their BT7P1 weatherproof motorcycle speakers peak at 240 watts and mount into Electra Glide fairings for a secure fit. With these bad boys, you can now take your motorcycle’s audio performance to the next level. Biketronics BT7P1 speakers incorporate cutting edge technology with an incredible ability to reproduce music so accurately you’ll think you landed in a recording studio. With such levels of efficiency, the BT7P1 requires less power for more output. No matter what conditions or elements your chopper goes through, these speakers are built to last.

How to Choose Motorcycle Speakers

When selecting the most suitable speakers for your motorcycle/ATV/Marine application, there are several factors that need to come into play. Every motorcycle owner should understand factors like compatibility, mounting location and the input power required to complement your mechanical beast. By paying close attention to what you really want from your speakers, you will reach a far better decision for both you and your hog. Let’s take a closer glance at these important factors to ensure we you select the best speakers for ATVs and Motorcycles.

Kicker PS5250 (10PS52504)

This Kicker  PowerSports Series motorcycle speakers boasts of 4-Ohm impedance and comes highly recommended for ATVs and even marine applications. Thanks to some innovative additions like the suspended bridge-mounted tweeters, you will not get those annoying vibrations that come with substandard speakers. Got a 1998-2005 Harley Davidson? You’re in luck. The PS5250 is designed with the King of the Road in mind. Their polypropylene cone construction and a rare-earth neodymium magnet to keep things sounding great with a durable construction to stand up against the outdoors.

Consider the Speaker Wattage

This is a fundamental requirement for all bikers out there, especially if your hog roars like a tiger. Generally, the lower the wattage in your speakers, the quieter and less powerful it is. This significantly affects the performance as well as the volume reaching your ears. To decide what suits you best, always consider the speaker mount location, the engine emission noise and your overall driving style. If you are located in the countryside or around quieter suburbs and own a relatively average motorbike, lower wattage might be more suited to you. However, if you regularly bike around towns, highways and populated areas at high speeds, you will want to go with speakers with a higher power rating.

Kicker PSM Mini PSM3 (40PSM32)

The PSM series, 4-ohm motorcycle speakers are specifically designed and engineered for motorcycle and ATV handlebars. To ensure they remain weatherproof, these magnificent works of art from Kicker are encased in a high-quality and ultra durable chrome plated enclosure. This means that they can be easily and quickly installed onto your handlebars thanks to Kicker’s mounting technology. We know what you’re thinking; my bike has a super loud engine, will I be able to hear my music clearly if at all? Not to worry, with these audio champs you will get a clean and full sound that can be heard over your motorcycle engine roar.

Additional Features and Add Ons

It’s the 21st century guys; this ain’t the old days when people strapped double D battery-operated radios over the bike dash. Nowadays, you can get some pretty creative and convenient features added to make the entire experience more enjoyable. These features include things like Bluetooth add on, remote or thumb controls for seamless operation and even an iPod or Mp3 dock. Make sure you get as many features in there as possible. You’ll thanks us later.