When the time comes to replace your motorcycle battery, there are a few options on the market, including high-performance motorcycle batteries. Using the best battery can help the overall performance of your bike and will get the most life out of the battery itself. 

Why you should install a high-performance motorcycle battery

High-performance batteries provide up to 30% more cranking amps, perfect for when you add amplifiers and subwoofers.  Stock batteries are only meant to store enough power for the stock components. Whenever you start adding additional amplifiers, your factory battery will be unable to store enough juice to power everything. These batteries are also maintenance-free and are known to have longer lifespans than conventional motorcycle batteries. 

Note: It is important to understand that batteries do not create power, they only store it. At a certain point, you may also need to upgrade your alternator to prevent draining your battery too quickly or have other issues like dimming headlights.

How to install a high-performance motorcycle battery

1. Find the correct replacement battery for your motorcycle

To ensure the proper fit, search for the correct replacement battery size for your particular make and model. Although some high-performance batteries universally fit, you do not want to purchase a battery that will not work with your bike. 

2. Remove the old battery and replace with the new battery

First, you will need to remove the existing battery. Remove your seat to access the battery and disconnect the negative terminal followed by the positive terminal. If needed, clean the battery cables and components to remove any corrosion.

Next, set the high-performance battery in place and secure it with the existing strap. Securely connect the positive cable to the positive terminal and the negative cable to the negative terminal. Tighten the bolts or screws to finish up.

3. Test the battery and replace the seat

Now that the battery is installed, test it out by starting the motorcycle. If there are any issues with the electronics or the bike starting, now is the time to troubleshoot. Once you have the bike, stereo, and lights are working properly, replace and fasten the seat. 

As you can see, replacing your existing battery with a high-performance motorcycle battery is an easy process. The benefits that the high-performance batteries provide are well worth the additional steps and can be done safely using the above directions. Now get out there and enjoy that increased power and longer battery lifespan!