Bass; the most essential, intense, awe-inspiring, power-filled part of any beat in any genre. Getting that powerful bass is all about moving air in vibrations; and nothing has the ability to push a ton of air like a powerful subwoofer.

Let’s just tell it like it is; the only way to know if your car subwoofer is worth calling itself a beast is to put your girlfriend in the front seat and let the bass SPEAK. If her hair doesn’t go flying into the air, in fact, if your entire car doesn’t feel like a 9.8 Richter scale earthquake with raw bass as the epicenter, it’s time to upgrade to a real subwoofer.

So, what exactly does it take to get enough power and bass in your car to pull a hair trick? I’ll be the first to admit; pimping cars is an art. Sure, anyone can mold metal, hammer some massive cardboard boxes in the rear of your favorite Chevy and plans some cheap door speakers. But only an experienced auto sound engineer can truly manipulate air, only the best of the best can turn your car into a tricked out force of nature by its own. With the right combination of skills and high-quality equipment, you too can have pretty girls rocking to some hot tunes from the tip of their toes to the last strand of hair on their body.
Best Videos of Raw Bass in Action

I could go on and on all day about the awesome, mass-moving power of good bass; instead, I’ll do you one better. Check it out for yourself. Seeing is believing, and I gotta say, these YouTube videos can turn anyone into a believer.

1. Hottie Hair Trick

As shown in the video, our girl peeks into the white pickup truck is hella souped up. This incredible, hair-raising subwoofer peaks at an unbelievable 154 Decibels at 40 flipping Hz! Talk about driving around in a portable club. The bass levels from the cabin are so insane that every single strand of her hair makes for the skies. It even seems to have a mind of its own because if you watch carefully, her top vibrates so hard it almost comes undone right in front of us. That’s some ravenous power right there.

2. Girl Basshead has Orgasm over BASS

A round of applause to this clever bastard here for a pioneering spirit. Speaking of Pioneer, their subwoofers are just the ideal culprits responsible for all these hair-raising, female-pleasuring, awe-inspiring sound systems out there. The cutie on this video enjoys the bass so much that she admits to accidentally climaxing on her panties. (Someone should tell her it was no accident) Either way, these subwoofers contain some pretty serious power.

3. Bass Hairtrick 12000 Watt

Even with the door open in this video, the cute blonde was simply not ready when the bass hit. Apparently, neither was her hair.

4. Cheveryn demo car 164 dB

Who said geeks can’t jam along to some powerful base. You have to admit though, the hair-trickee did look a bit molested by the bass.

5. Hairtrick from Instafans

What a great display of how versatile bass frequencies can get. After holding her hair in suspended animation for a few seconds, the subwoofer delivers a massive shove to complete what I can only describe as the greatest hair trick on the planet.

6.Brian Nyman & his Team feat MackrdSlim

This truck not only blows the hair off our sweet innocent volunteers with a combo hat trick, but it also has some pretty sick graffiti. It’s all about creativity and expression.

7. Pequeno Hair Trick

All a subwoofer needs is a tiny outlet to spread its power far and wide. Even with the window closed all the way almost to the top, the bass still manages a pretty decent hairtrick.

8. Tommy King of Bass hair trick with H20

This here is a clear display of the sheer power of a killer bass line. The girl in this video not only gets tickled by the bass, but she also loses all her hair pins too!

9.Bass scare

Who knew that bass could scare the living daylights out of someone. In this case, the hair-raised victim got a taste of the violating vibes of a very powerful rear subwoofer.

10. Extreme BASS Hair Trick PSI Platform Subs Put Me In The Freezer Song

Just looking at how much air this unit is moving is enough to figure out why the guy’s got duct tape all over his windscreen. The brunette here seems to be enjoying the hair trick and taking it all in stride. That’s until the s#!* hits the fan and leaves the girl looking like medusa’s twin sister.

11. FACE MY BASS! – Wife’s Friend Finally Gets Hairtrick

Facing the bass is like looking dead straight into a power leaf blower. The level of vibration on this video is simply breathtaking.

12. Tremendous bass 12 – Hot Chicks, hair tricks

This creative video proves that bass is an indiscriminate master. It does not care what color your hair is; it will play with it all day long.


You know that things got serious when the owner of the car gets startled to dust by the awe-inspiring bass.

14. Car Audio Bass Hair – trick, powerful bass

Don’t speak Russian? Hey, neither does bass, but it surely can get those Russian girls very, very excited. I found out that bass is great for both hair tricks and even skirt tricks.

15. Hair Trick Team Bass Aggressor Alphard

Are these girls making out? Can’t tell with all that hair flying around. But I do like the way they’re touching each other while submitting to the power of a real subwoofer in action.

16 Crossfire XSV4 15S Hairtrick

You gotta love a good hair trick. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, bass acts as a uniting factor for everybody.

17. Super loud extreme bass hair trick LOUD

Wow, this subwoofer is so damn loud that it whips the girl’s hair all over the screen. All you see are flying locks and a whole lot of vibration.

18. Special Guest: Mrs. Meade Tremendous Bass 63 Crazy Hairtrick

Mrs. Meade was clearly not having a good hair day. So her husband decided to let the bass give her a complete makeover.

19. BASS Hair Trick on FULL Power Phoenix Gold Elite.1’s!

It’s a good day to toke up, hit that vaporizer and turn the subwoofers all the way up. Way to pull off a hair trick.


The array of subwoofers in this car’s doors alone are enough to put a professional D.J to shame. Our gorgeous brunette here even dances along with as her hair obeys the law of pure bass.

21. Decaf Astra’s Video

If you though a hat, marvin or beanie cap could withstand a subwoofer with a purpose, then you thought wrong. Watch how this bass throws a girl’s hat from her head through the window, all the way out in the streets.

22. Single Alternators

I think she likes it #hairtrick #hairtricks #singeralternators #skyhighbbq

A video posted by Mike Singer (@singeralternators) on

When that bass hits, you can’t even hear what the music is saying. The girl in this video plays it cool as she lets the bass massage her.

23. Car Audio Hairtrick

#caraudio #hairtrick

A video posted by 🔈🔉🔊 VINSOUND® Винница🔰 (@vin.sound) on

Ever wondered how a killer hairtrick looks like in slow-mo? Wonder no more, this video shows how powerful a door subwoofer can be.

24. JBL & Pioneer HAIR TRICK

In addition to installing some very impressive Pioneer auto sound systems and accessories, this car has an amazing entertainment set up. That was a hairtrick well deserved, and very fun to watch too.


Who would have though the saddest most mellow song on earth could be passed through a subwoofer to produce shocking levels of bass. And with Celine Deon’s hit single, my heart will go on; it’s the perfect way to end our list of the greatest bass hair tricks on the interwebs.

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