If you own a Harley Davidson or any other awesome bike out there, then you know exactly how sweet and exciting the roar of a mighty beast can be. Go ahead, ask any biker; nothing beats the sound of your own bike grinding away at the road. However, the road can get lonely if all you hear is the high powered hum of the engine and fast winds zooming past your ears. Soon, you’ll be yearning for a constant, reliable and entertaining companion on the road.

This is where the need for a killer sound system on your bike comes in; and not just any old stereo, only the best Harley Davidson audio packages can turn a simple ride into an epic, fun-filled adventure. To help you turn up the volume and your life too, Sonic Electronix offers some of the best audio packages. Whether it’s amp kits for Harleys, speakers, antennas and brand new sound tech, Sonic’s got you covered. If you’re looking to replace your current sound system or just some light customization, here’s something to think about.

The RockFord Fosgate Prime R1-HD4-9813 Series, 160 Watt 4-Channel, Motorcycle System with four speakers systems is for select 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson Factory. The complete motorcycle kit from Rockford Fosgate features systems like street glide, tri-glide, road glide and electra Glide.

The Rockford Fosgate R165X3 for Harley Davidsont 6.5″ PRIME Series is a beast of a system with coaxial speakers and speaker adapter rings comes all ready to blast off with an RFKHD9813 Amp Installation Kit. This might just be the ultimate audio package since it also includes a mounting plate for compact power and punch amps. With the Rockford Fosgate R165X3, they’ll hear you coming long before you’re there.

The Klock Werks Kicker Powered(FHDR98) front speaker and amplifier upgrade Klock Werks kit for 98′ – 2013 Harley Davidson incorporates innovative shark nose fairing technology with road glide. As stated on Sonic Electronix, this package comes with all the components you need to upgrade your Harley Davidson audio system.

Benefits of Fitting your Bike with the Best Harley Davidson Audio Packages from Sonic Electronix

When it comes to Harleys, getting the perfect sound from your hog usually depends on the setup. Blaring down the streets at neck-breaking speeds, wind all in your hair and speakers churning out tunes is exactly where you want to be (maybe leave out the hair part, keep your helmets on riders, safety first!). Why should you struggle to listen to your favorite jams just because your Harley roars like a tiger? Sonic Electronix says, not any more. By simply installing or upgrading your hog’s amps, woofers, speakers and head units with the best Harley Davidson audio packages, you’ll get music so crisp and clear you’ll think you’re in a recording studio.

Free Installation Gear

What good is a bad-ass sound system for your bike if there’s no way to get it up there? Sonic Electronix takes care of every single detail by providing customers with the appropriate installation gear such as harnesses and mounting gear. For example, proud owners of a brand new Rockford Fosgate Prime Harley Audio Package also get the following:

  • Mounting Bracket for Amps
  • Output Harness
  • Bat wing Grille Badge
  • Power Harness
  • Screws, Ties, Zips, Velcro Pad and Fuses

Effortless, Seamless Control Offered by the Best Harley Davidson Audio Packages

Not only do the best Harley Davidson audio packages make your life more entertaining, but they also make it much easier as well. From ready-made custom mounting brackets, harnesses and wiring all the way to smart technology that allows people to enjoy the ride without any distractions, the number one focus here is your overall satisfaction and convenience.

Expert Technical Support

Have you bought a great audio package for your Harley at Sonic Electronix and can’t seem to get the installation quite right? Don’t panic, all you have to do is give tech support a ring and they will instruct you on all the little aspects of installation, as well as provide additional assistance to make sure you get it just right.