Team Grill ALL-STAR (Los Angeles Lakers)

Sports fans come in many different styles, personalities, and occupations. With fans across the country cheering on so many different sports, there are few things that can unite them all together. One thing is for certain though. Everybody loves food and food goes hand in hand with sports. The true sports fan will often visit their team’s stadium and eat the food that has made the stadium famous. However, when the true fan isn’t at the stadium, they are at home cooking a big meal to watch the game. Once the average fan teams up with Team Grill, they become a true fan.

Team Grill is the manufacturer of propane grills that are customized with sports team’s logos and colors. They offer a huge selection of teams, grill sizes, and sports leagues. All of the grills are durable and made to last for a long time. Each grill has the logo brightly colored on the front for the entire world to see. The panels are colored to match the team’s colors and some will have a logo on the side of the grill.

One of the more popular grills is the Los Angeles Lakers Team Grill ALL-STAR patio grill. Being one of the larger grills, this huge grill offers over 1,000 square inches of preparation space and nearly 700 square inches of cooking area. The 52,000 BTU burners are powerful and will easily cook any type of food put on the grill. The grill uses a standard 20-pound LP gas tank that is commonly found among gas grills. The Los Angeles Lakers grill features the purple and gold colors that fans will appreciate. On the top of the lid is the full size LA Lakers logo that will show your guests you true team allegiance.

Team Grill has a huge selection of grill sizes and teams. Head on over to Sonic Electronix to check out the full selection and find your favorite team!