The Numark iDJ3 is a simple and complete package for anyone looking to get all of the controls of professional DJ software controllers without the pro price.  The iDJ3 is a wonderful system for entry and mid level users looking to take advantage of this unit’s lightweight yet durable design.   A unique feature of this unit is the incorporation of the iPod dock with a dedicated fader level control in the center of the unit. You can play tracks right from your iPod or iPhone as well as record your mix right to your iPod. This powerful yet portable controller gives you the ability to take the party anywhere.

The Numark iDJ3 features independent level control for each track with a typical crossfader function as well as a complete transport system for each channel including a BPM sync feature that allows for complex beat juggling and smooth transitions in your mix.  The cueing system includes  A/B and iPod cueing modes that let you monitor the next track in your mix from either another channel or right from the iPod via a toggle switch located in the center of the mixer section.  This controller is equipped with dual function jog wheels with the outer rings used for quick cueing, and touch sensitive platters used for precise scratching effects. The iDJ3 also has an incorporated sound card that allows you connect the mixer directly to a sound system via the RCA audio outputs on the back of the unit. The four loop functions of the iDj3 can be engaged on the fly for sixteenth, eighth, quarter, and half beat samples triggered by designated buttons on each channel.Virtual DJ LEso you can begin mixing right out of the box. Virtual DJ is one of the top DJ software

Virtual DJ LE software comes with the iDJ3 platforms in the world, stable enough to be trusted by professional DJs performing in large venues for thousands of people but simple enough for the amateur mixing at home.

The level of control and functionality the iDJ3 exhibits is comparable to much more elaborate and expensive mixers and controllers.  The iDJ3 allows you to mix an entire show through your laptop without touching your mouse once making this controller an unbeatable value.