Subwoofer Amplifier Combos at Sonic Electronix

In order to keep more money in your pockets, Sonic Electronix offers a huge variety of combo packages. Each of these combos are designed to help the customer get more for their money by purchasing everything they need at a discounted price. There are some great benefits that come from buying combos from Sonic Electronix.

  1. Combos can include everything that you need in one simple purchase.
  2. Combos are less expensive than buying everything separate.
  3. Combos are created by Sonic Electronix experts. This means that you can trust the components to become fully compatible with each other.

Each of these reasons alone justifies the purchase of the combo items. When you combine all three of the reasons above, it becomes a no-brainer to shop in combos. One of the more popular combo categories is the Amp + Sub Combos page. Here you will see amplifiers paired up with subwoofers. Each part of the combo is fully compatible with the other parts. Below are some popular combos that sound great and deliver deep bass response.

600W Renegade + Audiobahn Bass Bundle

This value subwoofer package includes everything you need for solid entry-level bass and more. It includes a solid Renegade subwoofer, Audiobahn amplifier, 1-farad capacitor, and installation accessories. When wired to 4 ohms, the system is perfectly matched at 300W RMS and will sound great in any vehicle.

1000W Audiobahn + Kicker Bass Bundle

This moderately priced bass bundle is the perfect combination of quality and performance. Kickers IX 500.1 amplifier is part of Kicker’s high-end amplifier line and matches perfectly with the Audiobahn AW1204J 12” subwoofer. Both at matched perfectly at a 500-watt RMS power handling rating and will bring powerful bass to your car.

2800W Kicker + Massive Audio Bass Package

One of the more powerful bass packages includes two Kicker Solo-Baric L7 subwoofers and a Massive Audio N3 amplifier. After wiring to a final impedance of 1 ohm, these two subwoofers will make some incredible bass. Get your earplugs because this combo will get loud!