Soundstream DTR1.1400D D-Tower Vertical Amplifier

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

One of the best things about building a car audio system from the ground up is that you get to choose all the components yourself. In doing so, you have the ability to get your car to sound exactly the way that you want. It becomes custom built to perfection. But the system doesn’t stop at the sound. While it probably the most important part of an aftermarket car audio system, it is not the only aspect. The visual aesthetics of the installation is a big part of the install. A clean install will last longer, look better, and sound cleaner. This aspect can become a challenge for the first time installer or for those that have a car with limited installation space. For those that have a car like this, more trust is put into the makers of these aftermarket audio devices to supply a product that it fully compatible with all types of cars.

Amplifiers and subwoofer enclosures have always been two components that are rather difficult to place inside a car. Soundstream Tower amplifiers are a great solution for those that need a particular design of amplifier in order for it to fit in their car. The vertical tower design stands tall and has a small footprint.  They offer a full lineup of amplifiers that includes a wide variety of single channel monoblock amps, such as the DTR1.1400D. That provides up to 1400 watts to a single channel and will easily work with some power hungry subwoofers. The DTR4.500 is an excellent 4-channel amplifier that will match the monoblock amplifier. With 125 watts to 4 channels at 2 ohm (80 watts at 4 ohm), this vertical 4-channel amp will easily power the majority of aftermarket speakers. This unique design is great for installations where there is plenty of vertical room, but not a lot of open space. In the back of a truck or behind a rear seat in an SUV, these amps will stand tall and provide plenty of power day in and day out.