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Multi-Channel & Mono-Channel Differences

If your car audio sound system is not meeting your expectations then maybe your specifications are to blame.  When examining mono and multi-channel amplifiers,...

New 2011 Line of Audiobahn Amplifiers

Since 1997, when Audiobahn was first introduced to the mobile entertainment industry, they have been known for producing cutting edge car audio products. Not...

Soundstream D-Tower Series Car Amplifiers

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist One of the best things about building a car audio system from the ground up is that you get...

Massive Audio N2 Nano Car Amplifiers

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist Getting the most power out of the smallest chassis is all the rage right now in the car audio...

Kenwood KAC-8105D

Earlier this month we wrote a blog and discussed the Kenwood KAC-7205. It was a new 2-channel amplifier released at the beginning of...