Kicker 2011 Ford Fiesta at SEMA 2010

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

After an exciting week at SEMA, we’ve been eager to show some of the outstanding vehicles.  The SEMA Show comes once a year to Las Vegas, Nevada and showcases some of the industry’s most talented minds and exceptional products all in one location!

Kicker made a huge impact at this show, and generated a lot of buzz with a 2011 Ford Fiesta Showcar.  The Fiesta is Ford’s answer for a gas efficient, compact car.  It also stands out for its fashionable design, and has a smooth engine with precision steering.  The 2011 Ford Fiesta truly shows consumers that you don’t need to be bored by an engine that lacks when you purchase an economical vehicle.

Kicker was limited to their playing time on this show car, due to its impacting sound.  Equipped with four pairs of Kicker QS speakers to provide superior staging and remarkable presence for mid and high frequencies, these speakers provided the vehicle with exceptional voice.  The four pairs of component style speakers are mounted throughout the vehicle in strategic areas to provide accurate playback.  One pair of speakers are mounted into the dash, while another pair is mounted in the front doors.  Also, in the back a set is mounted coaxially in the back door, and finally another pair mounted in the rear deck.   All doors panels have custom built fiberglass panels.  These are charcoal colored fiberglass panels with sleek blue illumination to stay consistent with Kickers standard colors, and the back door panels even incorporated an illuminated Kicker logo on the panels.

With all of these amazing Kicker QS Speakers to output mids and highs, the bass level needed to be high.  Answering this call are four 15” Kicker CompVX Subwoofers.  The CompVX subwoofers are mounted into two charcoal fiberglass enclosures that take up most of the trunk, with a large fin-like LED light separating the two enclosures.  The CompVX subwoofers provide exceptional bass response and tight accuracy so you can truly enjoy the Kicker QS speakers along with this low-frequency fill.

The Ford Fiesta is a smaller vehicle and the alternator is too small to really provide enough power to sufficiently amplify the Kicker QS speakers and 15” CompVX subwoofers.  Kicker IX amplifiers is an easy solution that helps minimize current draw from the factory charging systems, this allowed Kicker to put this show car together without making significant upgrades to the charging system.  Kickers 2011 Ford Fiesta outputs over 5000 watts of RMS power, with the addition of a few Kinetik Power Cells to help meet the demand for this extraordinary amount of power.

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