By Seth W. – Product Specialist

If you have not been to our main homepage or received a Sonic Electronix newsletter recently, then you are missing out some of the new product lines that we are now carrying. As Sonic Electronix continues to grow larger and larger each year, we have the opportunity to expand into different portions of the electronics industry. Our most recent category that we expanded into was laptop computers and we have jumped in headfirst. This past week we had the Sony VAIO VGN-FW518F/H laptop come through the office. Upon its arrival, we were all reminded of the incredible quality and top-notch performance that comes with every Sony laptop.

Any Laptop with the VAIO logo on it lives up to a reputation that receives the utmost respect from even the strictest of computer techs. The Sony FW series is an incredible series that offers superior performance and stunning visuals. The features that impressed us the most were the vibrant display, the solid construction, and the fast processing. The model that we tested featured a 1600 x 900 maximum resolution that was detailed and provided crisp, beautiful visuals. The 16.4” widescreen display has plenty of space to open programs, surf the web, edit videos, watch movies, do any word processing, or anything else. The display is even wide enough to have two full size windows open at the same time to work more efficiently. The construction and layout of the computer is very durable and intelligently laid out. While its construction is not like a ToughBook, it will definitely be strong enough to withstand the standard abuse that comes from daily life. The 3 USB ports and the HDMI output are located on opposite sides for a convenient way to connect to an external HDTV or monitor without having a bunch of cables get in the way. Inside the computer is a decent processor that is surrounded by excellent components. Without getting too “geeky” about the hardware inside the Sony VGN-FW518F/H, it is safe to say that there is plenty of processing power for any multimedia application that you need to run. An on-board ATi graphics processor assists the Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz processor in quickly rendering out visuals smoothly. A 500 GB hard drive allows for plenty of storage space and the 1066-bus speed reduces any bottlenecking in the computers processing. This computer is a solid piece of equipment perfect for any student, businessman, professional, or anyone that needs a reliable computer to take with them.

For those that aren’t ready to bite the bullet and invest in a new Sony F-Series or an E-Series, the Sony Vaio FW laptop is perfect. That’s really the bottom line right there. This is an incredible laptop that has been proven over years to be among the greatest laptop ever built.