By Seth W. – Product Specialist

You got to start somewhere, right? For many of us, the first step into the realm of aftermarket car audio components starts with a subwoofer. Larger speakers that will bring out the low frequencies and enhance the music in a way that no other speaker can. No car audio system is complete without a subwoofer to tie all the music together. For those getting ready to build their first system, there is no better place to start than with an entry-level subwoofer. These subwoofers, sometimes referred to as beginner subs or basic subwoofers, are the perfect way to save some cash while getting better sound in your car.

Entry-level subwoofers have often been categorized with low-end and poorly made subwoofer. However, in today’s market this is not the case. With the advancements in speakers technology, the gap between the entry-level subwoofers and the mid-level subwoofers becomes smaller and smaller. Many of the subwoofer manufacturers have taken the design, engineering, materials, and overall construction of the higher end subwoofers and implemented this into their beginner subwoofers. For example, lets look at the Kicker subwoofers. Back in 1986 Kicker introduced a deep bumped back plate to allow for greater excursion and to prevent the subwoofer from “bottoming out”. When this innovation was first introduced, it was only found on their nicer subwoofers. Today, even the entry-level Kicker Comp features a bumped back plate. This is just one of the many examples of subwoofer advancements that have brought sophisticated technology into subwoofers that are moderately priced.

There are many subwoofers that are able to produce quality bass without the drawbacks of having a hefty price tag. Consider the Hifonics HFi series, the Kicker Comp and the JL Audio W0 subwoofer. In addition to those, there is the Pioneer Champion series, the Polk Audio db series, or the Infinity Reference series. Each of these subs borrows technology from the higher end subwoofers to produce a crisp, clean bass. Even with all the quality materials and high-end designing that goes into these subwoofers, they are still available at an affordable price. Let no car suffer from horrible audio. With these elementary subwoofers, any car can experience quality bass and a full range of frequencies that is necessary to fully appreciate the music.