Clarion CM1625

By Chelsey P. – Product Specialist

Now is the time to take advantage of the amazing weather by taking your boat out to the lake or river. Since it may be the first time your boat has seen the water since last summer, you may be worried about the way your speakers sound. If this is the case it may be time to look into getting an upgrade. Having the loudest stereo system out on the water maximizes summertime fun, not only for you but everyone around you. In order to receive the sound you want, you first have to start with a great brand. Clarion has been known in the past for making quality products that will last for years and the Clarion CM1625 marine speakers are no different. You may notice outdoor environments require plenty of sound to overcome surrounding noise. The CM1625 speakers are a 6-1/2” 2-Way speaker with a responsive polypropylene woofer for achieving the maximum in sound entertainment while being able to withstand outdoor heat. They are the perfect choice for loud, outdoor fun because they push 200 watts max of pure, crisp sound.

Clarion ensures that these marine speakers will stay in perfect shape while you are out on those long water adventures. Of course they are water-resistant with a drain channel, allowing water to escape from the front. By having this drain channel, you are increasing the chance of the speaker not being ruined due to water. Not only are they resistant to moisture, they even meet the UV and salt/fog exposure standards. By exceeding these standards, Clarion makes a promise to you that these speakers will last no matter how much sun exposure they receive or how many times they get splashed by the salty ocean. While you are reading this, you may ask yourself, “How does she know how these speakers sound?” Well, since the weather was so amazing this past weekend, we actually had a chance to test these speakers out on the water. They sound just as great as Clarion said they would, and even exceeded my expectations. Remember, there are many different component upgrades that you can add to your boat but speakers are essential to great a marine audio sound system.