By Seth Wilde. – Product Specialist

Since the release of the Apple iPad, millions of people have experienced the ease and convenience of tablet PCs.  This new devices offers an entirely new format for entertainment, computing, business presentations, and leisure activities.  For those that have an iPad, protecting that investment is an important task.  Almost as important as keeping it charged and powered at all times. Luckily, there are many iPad accessories available that are specifically designed to power, protect, and enhance the iPad experience.  As an official Apple partner, Scosche is one manufacturer of these iPad accessories. Below are a few necessary iPad items that go along with a new iPad.

Keeping the iPad Charged
Scosche reVIVE II USBC3
People are on the road a lot, almost as much as they are inside. That is why a compatible charger is needed for both places. The Scosche USBH3 is the perfect replacement home charger for an iPad.  It features two USB ports on it. However, these two ports are not the same. One is rated with output of 1 Amp (1000 mA) and the other is rated at an outstanding 2.1 Amps (2100 mA). Each outlet is color coordinated and labeled to reduce confusion.  The 2.1A USB port is designed to have a higher output to charge the iPad faster. The Scosche revive II USBC3 is the same type of charger, however it is designed for the car.  Just plug it in and the iPad is ready to be charged on the road.
Keep the iPad Clean and Protected
Scosche IPDC iPad Case
With all the use that the Apple iPad is getting, it is best to keep it protected.  The Scosche IPDC is a low profile polycarbonate clear case for the iPad.  This will protect the housing from dings, scratches, and other blemishes. The Scosche FPPD2 is a package of ultra clear screen protectors that fit perfectly on the face of the iPad.  Protecting an iPad has never been easier.