Alpine SPS-600C Car Speakers

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

When looking for a pair of replacement car speakers, it is important to trust the manufacturer. Often times a no-name manufacturer can lead to short lived products, or products with low sound quality. How is it that we can tell if a manufacturer is trusted? How do we know if they are a reliable and trustworthy source for speakers? There are many ways to do this, some of which include looking into the company’s history or by asking a professional their opinion of the company and their products.   However, with the increase in the number of manufacturers there needed to be a more solid way to do this. Today, there are ratings and certifications that keep a level playing field. The CEA 2031 speaker rating certification is a loudspeaker standard that tests and rates the specifications claimed by manufacturers. While not all companies will submit their speakers to this program, it is still a sure way to trust the product that you are buying.

Alpine is one company that receives a CEA 2031 rating for their loudspeakers.  This helps to further establish the Alpine name as a quality manufacturer of car audio products. Consider the Alpine SPS-600C car speaker set.  It is a 2-way component set that is an ideal sound solution upgrade.  CEA 2031 rated at 80 watts RMS and 240 watts max, these speakers are able to accept a lot of power to ensure the sound is loud and clear. Using a silk soft dome tweeter, these speakers are able to achieve an excellent high frequency sound unlike other speakers. What is even more appealing about these is the swivel feature for the tweeters, by allowing a 10-degree swivel; the speakers can be directed towards the listener. The Type-S speaker series are able to bring excellent sound quality to a price that is affordable to just about anyone. And to make the deal even better, the CEA 2031 certification makes the speakers a trustworthy source.