Scosche BT1200 Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit

When the “No cell phone while driving” law was enforced, Bluetooth Handsfree Calling became a hot commodity with everybody needing or wanting one in their vehicle. Most new models of vehicles already come equipped with built-in Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling. However, if you don’t have a new car and want to keep your vehicles stock sound system intact, you can still integrate Bluetooth into your car. Manufacturers like Scosche have produced products that make adding Bluetooth to your ride very simple and convenient without changing a thing to your stock system.

One of those products is the Scosche BT1200 Bluetooth Handsfree & Streaming Audio Car Kit. This car kit is equipped with voice announce caller ID and will repeat the name of up to 1000 contacts, meaning you will never have to touch your phone when calling or receiving calls. All calls made or received play through the speakers of your vehicle and automatically mutes any source when a call is received. The BT1200 will automatically pair with your cell phone when the vehicle is turned on and provides one touch voice dialing for most compatible Bluetooth cell phones. Some Bluetooth kits in the past often sounded muffled as if you were in a tunnel or standing next to a waterfall. Scosche has addressed that problem by featuring DSP Echo Cancellation into the BT1200. The DSP Echo Cancellation feature provides a crystal clear conversation and eliminates that unwanted annoying background noise. The BT1200 Bluetooth Kit includes a handsfree microphone, control keypad, Bluetooth interface and all necessary mounting hardware.

OEM Bluetooth T-Harness

This Bluetooth Hands-free and Streaming Car Kit is universal, however, there is one more item you need to make this kit work for your vehicle. Scosche has manufactured vehicle specific OEM Bluetooth T-Harnesses that are compatible with the BT1200. These Bluetooth wiring harnesses are made for many different makes and models of vehicles so be sure to check out Sonic Electronix selection to choose the right one for your car.

Integrating Bluetooth to your vehicle has never been easier thanks to the Scosche BT1200 Car Kit & OEM Bluetooth T-Harnesses. Save money, keep your OEM factory system and add a much needed Bluetooth to your vehicle.