StreetWires ZeroNoise Sound Dampening

No aftermarket car audio installation is complete without some good sound dampening. This industry has traditionally been led by sound dampening giants such as Dynamat, Hushmat, Stinger, and Ballistic. However, there is a new line of sound dampening that is going to give all the other brands a run for their money. Brand new for 2011, MTX Audio’s accessory line Streetwires has released a new type of sound dampening that is looking to revolutionize the industry.

While the purpose of all sound dampening material is the same, it doesn’t mean that all the products are the same. The new ZeroNoise Noise Killer Mat from StreetWires is entering the industry hoping to show the world that they are very different from the rest. Just like the rest of the sound dampening products, the Zero Noise mat will reduce the amount of road noise, engine noise, and vibrations in the vehicle. This will enhance the sound quality of the music, reduce the amount of outside noise, and make your Toyota sound like a Lexus.

The primary difference that separates the StreetWires Noise Killer Mat and its competitors is what it is made out of. Straying away from the traditional dampening material, Streetwires chose to use their own ZeroStain material that has incredible adhesion, but does not leave any stains on the installer’s hands or the car. For those that have every installed this material in their car, they will be able to appreciate a mess-free material that is easy to install, highly adhesive, and still has all the same sound dampening qualities as the highest end material. StreetWires is offering the material in two different thicknesses and a variety of different packages to match your application.