Sony XAV-72BT

Establishing your niche in a market is something that can be hard. Attributing your name to “the best” can take a lifetime to achieve, and something that many try for. Sony is an extremely well-known name brand that has been attributed to their high ability to manufacturer high quality displays. For years they have helped pioneer new manufacturing techniques, and even are the creators of the new standard for high-resolution media, Bluray.

Sony’s hand in the Car Audio industry has brought along many exciting features and technologies, and some really great listening over the years. With the introduction of Audio/Video Multimedia Touchscreen Receivers, there have been many opportunities to carry over Sony’s extremely reputable name for quality video receivers to the car audio industry. The Sony XAV-62BT and Sony XAV-72BT, two brand new 2011 Audio/Video receivers released from Sony, feature extremely high resolution monitors.

With the ability to display 1,152,000 pixels, the stereos are capable of displaying pictures and video at a screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels! This is all taken out of a 7” in-dash monitor in your vehicle! This advancement by Sony opens the door for extremely high resolution monitors to continue being released. In-dash Car Stereos soon should have a standard of extremely high screen processing thanks to this exciting advancement from Sony. Coupling all of these features along with previous advancements such as Sony SensMe, a high quality sound processor, and large capacitors for deep bass makes for a high fidelity audio and video experience. Also found on both units are extensive equalization options for your audio, as well as plenty of video adjustments to help get the perfect picture along with the perfect sound.

High resolution audio isn’t the only thing you should get from your In-Dash DVD Player with a Monitor. This new breakthrough in car audio makes for some of the best listening and viewing experiences in mobile entertainment today.