Infinity BassLink Subwoofers at Sonic Electronix

If you are interested in saving money and getting some extra bass in your car, the Infinity BassLink is a perfect choice. Right now at Sonic Electronix, you can save 20% on both the Infinity BassLink and the Infinity BassLink II. This deal is only available from Jun 19, 2011 to July 9, 2011, so act fast and head over to

The Infinity BassLink and BassLink II is the perfect solution for those that want to quickly add some bass to their car. They are all-in-one solutions that contain an Infinity subwoofer, amplifier, and enclosure. Both feature a 10” subwoofer and a 10” passive radiator to optimize the bass response. The main difference between both of the subwoofers is the shape of the subwoofer and the power output of the amplifier. The original BassLink features the traditional round subwoofer and radiator and the newer Infinity BassLink II contains a square subwoofer and radiator. Traditionally, the round subwoofers have better response and square subs have louder output. Built-in to the BassLink is a Class-D 200 watt amplifier dedicated to the subwoofer. Inside the BassLink II is a Class-D 250 watt amplifier.

The enclosure on both of the Infinity BassLinks has been computer optimized and custom designed for optimal performance. The all-inclusive design is easy to install and can be installed in any position. Heat sinks are integrated into the design of the enclosure and the grilles effectively protect the subwoofers and radiators. Both include a variety of amplifier adjustments and a wired remote bass level control for even greater control of the subwoofer. No matter how small of a car you drive or how big of a SUV you drive, the Infinity BassLink subwoofer solutions are the perfect way to add some low-end to your audio system.