Image Dynamics Car Audio at Sonic Electronix

Veterans of the car audio industry will quickly recognize the name Image Dynamics and associate it with some of the finest products that money could by. Since the inception in the early 90’s, Image Dynamics has become a key player in car audio competitions, product innovation, and customer service. Sonic Electronix is honored to welcome Image Dynamics to the family and look forward to sharing this legendary company with their customers.

As one of the few authorized internet dealers for Image Dynamics, Sonic Electronix has begun to carry the entire line. Visit the Image Dynamics store to find a large selection of speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers. Each of these audio components are designed and manufactured to live up to the companies dual mission statements: “Live Performance” and “Power and Grace”.

In order to achieve the ideal sound, Image Dynamics engineers speakers and subwoofers that properly emulate the sound of a live performance. The goal is to create a mobile audio system that rivals the finest of home audio systems. This can be accomplished with Image Dynamics, even with the poor acoustical environment of a car. Even the entry-level speakers, such as the Image Dynamics CTX65cs can properly achieve this level of clarity.

Image Dynamics products are capable of producing and handling large amounts of power. The second mission statement affirms that these speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers are capable of gracefully handling large amounts of power. Unlike many of the competitors, Image Dynamics products are capable of harnessing large amounts of power to reproduce rich, detailed music, as opposed to loud noise. A perfect example of this is the Image Dynamics IDMAX12D4, which is designed to handle 1000 watts RMS.

For a taste of what of car audio is all about, visit the Image Dynamics store at Sonic Electronix.