Samsung BD-C5500

By Seth W. – Product Specialist

It is the beginning of 2010 and time for an entirely new Blu-ray experience.  Samsung has released their new series of DVD and Blu-ray players that are some of the most impressive to date.  The BD-C6500 and the BD-C5500 are both high-end consumer Blu-ray disc players that feature full 1080p High-Definition playback.   They also feature playback of DVDs and CDs, allowing you to have full access to your current disc library.  Inside the player, these Samsung devices are certified and designed for Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital TruHD, DTS, and DTS HD Master Audio decoding.  The result is the latest in audio technology and the clearest sounds reproduction.  Through the rear audio HDMI connection, that detailed audio and video signal is outputted to the other home theater devices.  If HDMI does not fit your current set up, then you have the option of component video, as well as 2-channel analog audio and digital optical audio.  If you prefer 7.1 audio, then the Samsung BD-C6500 is your perfect choice with its rear 7.1 audio outputs.  No matter what type of connections your current home theater system has, these DVD and Blue-ray players are the perfect solution for high definition audio and video.

Once one of these players is connected to the Internet, a whole new world of streaming Internet content becomes available.  Samsung’s Internet@TV offers internet content directly to the television via the Blu-ray player.  You will be able to access Blockbuster On-Demand, NetFlix, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, USA Today, Pandora internet radio, and more!  With this service, you will never have to go rent a movie again.  Instead you can browse the internet database of Blockbuster and NetFlix to stream all the movies that you could ever watch.  Stay connected with your friends and family with Twitter and Facebook.  Listen to online radio by streaming Pandora directly to your home theater system.  In the end, it can be safe to say than Samsung has taken the Blue-ray player to the next level.  These DVD and Blu-ray players from Samsung are perfect way to enhance your home theater experience!