SVAT CV502-4CHFor many of us, a house is the most expensive investment we’ll ever make. Protecting your home is something that is very important to people across the world. Due to the expensive cost to get your home outfitted with a high-end security system, and the associated monthly fees, many people opt out of home security systems altogether. Let’s face it; we can’t always be there to watch over our homes. In those times of need it’s great to consider something like the Wireless Security Systems found at Sonic Electronix.

There are plenty of different options out there for home surveillance. Some are designed to monitor multiple locations, and the feeds from all cameras will be recorded to a stand-alone DVR box. This allows you to keep watch over different points, all the while keeping everything recorded. A setup like the Certified DVR KIT4-90 would be a perfect example of a full security system that keeps everything recorded. These cameras also have Motion Detecting features, allowing them to only turn on when motion is detected in the area, saving electricity and DVR space.

The SVAT Electronics PI1000 looks like a standard motion detector, however it also has a camera and DVR system built-in

There are also systems that mask themselves as something else. This SVAT Electronics PI1000 is a covert security system that appears to just be a standard motion detector. Inside, however, you’ll find a wire-free covert DVR system with a built-in color camera, so there’s no bulky additional equipment.

Let’s say you’re the type of person who’s paranoid about your homes security (and who’s to blame you – better safe than sorry, we always say). The SVAT Electronics CV502-4CH-002 is a perfect system that is also Smartphone Compatible. This allows you to not only have four cameras securing four separate zones, you also have DVR recording, and you can also monitor your system from a compatible smartphone. Over a month of footage can be recorded on the system, and you can also be kept prompted by Email alerts whenever motion is detected. Not only can this save you the unpleasant surprise of realizing your stuff is missing, but it can help protect you and your family in the event of a home invasion.