Power For a New Age

Hifonics GLX1400.1D
Hifonics GLX1400.1D

Hifonics has been known to produce some of the most powerful amplifiers in the car audio market.  New to their amplifier line up this year is their Gladiator series mono and four channel amplifiers.  Named after one of the most ruthless warriors in the ancient world, the Gladiator amplifiers have improved efficiency and athletics.  The chrome mesh grill offers optimum protection just as a gladiator would use for combat.  They also have a built-in Diagnostic mode which will detect shorted speaker leads, low impedance, dangerous high temperatures, DC shorts and will shut down the amplifier to help prevent damage.

      Battle Tested Design

Hifonics GLX60.4
Hifonics GLX60.4

One of the new features of these amplifiers is the improved NGSD (Next Generation Super Class D) Technology.  This makes the amplifiers much more efficient and will allow them to run at cooler temperatures.   They also feature built-in variable crossovers, subsonic filter, bass equalization, and a HFR-3 remote control module for the monoblock models which allow for overall level control from the reach of the driver seat.  As always, these amplifiers are CEA compliant and will never over-exaggerate their stated power ratings.  The monoblocks are available in a 1000W, 1400W, 1800W, and 2200W versions.  The 4 Channel is available in a 120W and 200W (per channel) option.

  • Full range line-up includes four monoblock and two 4-channel amplifiers
  • NGSD (Next Generation Super Class D) Technology
  • Chrome mesh finish
  • Built-in Diagnostic Mode

We had an exclusive look at the Gladiator series at CES 2012.  Check it out!