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Are you a victim of headlamps that do not properly light up your path into the night? Afraid of being stuck in the dark while off-roading, and not being able to see your way back? Many vehicles of today are equipped with headlamps that are dull and make nighttime driving very difficult, especially off-road. A simple workaround is available on the market, in the form of high-intensity discharge lamps (HID’s). HID’s are a great way to upgrade your headlight experience, and even allows you to add some fun colors to your nighttime driving or show car.

HID Lights are great for two things. They’re good for showmanship as they allow for a custom unique look on the vehicle. They also are great for practical nighttime driving. When typical headlamps aren’t doing the job, HID’s will brighten your path for a much more comfortable driving experience. HID’s produce 300% light output compared to standard halogen bulbs.

Depending on your vehicle, you’ll need to figure out the bulb size of your headlamps. After you determine the size of your headlamps, you can use the appropriate HID Kit which will allow for an easy installation and vastly improved nighttime vision.

HID Light Kits
HID colors are named after the color temperature of the bulb, not the operating temperature. Check out this handy chart to see what color works best for you!

HID Lights come in many different colors and sizes. Make sure you get the correct size when ordering your HID Kit, and also refer to our color guide to get the color that will match the type of application you’re trying to accomplish. Don’t get lost in the dark anymore, change your driving experience today with HID Lights!


Aftermarket HID headlights are not street legal in certain states. Sonic Electronix, Inc. does not endorse or support illegal usage of HID headlights. Furthermore, users of HID headlights in prohibited states may face penalties of the law; excluding Sonic Electronix, Inc. from any liability. The HID kits sold by Sonic Electronix, Inc., are intended for off-road and display purposes only.