Vestalife Element Ladybug iPod Dock

By Chelsey P. – Product Specialist

Mother’s Day is on the horizon and you are probably thinking, what do I get my Mother for as a gift? You are probably in this same spot every year and end up buying your mom something at the last minute because you just don’t know what to get her. You may have a mom that has everything or a mom that always says, “All I need is you, I don’t need any gifts.” Of course though, you do not want to show up for Mother’s Day dinner without a present. We are here to give you a few tips and pointers that will make your mother happy on her special day.

Do you have a mom that loves to clean? Does she always want the latest in cleaning gear? A new vacuum may be perfect for your mother! The Fuller FB-BLCX is bagless cyclonic canister vacuum that will bring your home to a new level of clean. The Fuller vacuum has a powerful motor that will pick up any dirt or dust it comes in contact with and is great on carpets, hardwood floors and even tile. So if you mother has been complaining about a vacuum she has had for years, this is will be the perfect time to get a vacuum that is sure to keep the house clean.

Does your mom love to take pictures and record videos? If your mom loves to take pictures of you or your grandkids but has an older camera, it may be time to get her an upgrade. Flip has introduced the U1120P Ultra Camcorder perfect for recording hours of fun. It features a 2” LCD anti-glare screen to view and delete video instantly. The camcorder itself has a convenient USB that plugs directly into the computer for fast downloading. Along with downloading the videos to your computer with the USB, your mother can use the built-in software to view, edit and email the videos, browse and organize them and upload them to sites such as MySpace and YouTube.

Did you get your mom an iPod last year? Has it been stuck in the closet because she has nothing to listen to it on? The Vestalife Element LadyBug iPod Dock is a great way for her to listen to all her favorite jams with the built-in speakers. This portable speaker dock is perfect for taking out on the road or for listening to music while cleaning the house. The special edition dock will even charge the iPod while the music is playing so your mom will never have to worry about losing her favorite tunes.